May 02, 2011

Public holidays, love ya!

Something happened on Friday which was embarrassing and blah, I do not really want to talk about it. But anyway, I am back feeling much better (and more determined) than ever! I have been watching the news on the upcoming elections and rallies online. It is quite funny to see some of the parties as they tried to make their stand. I agree with some point and disagree in the others. I feel that some of their points seem to be very short term. They did not really think about the long term effects it has on Singapore as a whole. Hmmm...I am really interested in politics. I think I read more about it than my parents although they are the ones voting. Haha. If you are interested in Singapore's General elections 2011, do listen to some of their speeches:)

You know something? I always think and think about why my life seems so difficult. Why must I go through such emotional distress and torture? Why is it that some people have it so easy? Then I realized something. My life is actually not very difficult at all. It is just that I sometimes take things too hard. I see some things that are said about me to be something that is against me. I am just to sensitive to the things that are happening around me. It can be a little disturbing. Adding to that, I am a very (x1000) emotional person. I feel very strongly(is this the correct way to express it?) Well, I cry at movies, I cry when I read my books and I cry when I listen to songs. WHO DOES THAT? 0.0 Anyway, the one of the songs in question happens to be this:

It is a very old song, but I just felt so....sad when I heard it. Maybe you will not feel the same way as I do, but I think it is a great song. How do I help you say goodbye by Patty Loveless.

I had a really really weird dream this week. I invited three friends over to my house for three different reasons.  Lynette, Freya and someone(I do not know who this person is:/) Lynette and Freya do not even know each other! Anyway, Lynette came to gossip, Freya came because she was upset and the other girl( let us name her QQ)  wanted to go out to eat at ''Flaagan's'' <--what kind of place is that? I never heard of it, but I remember it so clearly. But I convinced her to come to my house instead. They all came and settled down in my room, which was very very messy but no one seem to notice. Everyone wanted to talk to me, and QQ got fed up, so she said she was leaving. Freya wanted to tell me about why she was sad, so I sat on the bed to listen. But before she could start speaking, Lynette started talking about something. Freya got very upset and said she was gonna leave. I ended up talking to Lynette while thinking about how bad I felt. Such a weird the first place, none of the people is as I know them to be. I was so out of control of the situation, I was like a bystander watching while things happen. As for QQ, I have no idea who she is. Is she a future friend I will make? This is so creepy.

Yup, that's all. This is was such a bad week, I am glad it is over. Thank you for all the public holidays:) Three long weekends in a row. Wonderful. Ciao!


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