May 18, 2011

In my shopping cart...#2 [Kawaii Japan (L)]

Well, I have been looking at many Japanese kawaii stuff recently. These are some of them I really love.

I know that Liz Lisa has many pretty clothes, but this belongs to their sub brand Tralala. Haha. Cute name for a shop that sells cute clothes. This dress really looks nice with the crochet shrug. This is a whooping 7245 yen though.

Have I ever told you what an interesting website Strapya is? Oh yes, I am telling you now, it is very interesting. It sells gadget and stuff from Japan. All of us know that Japan is the Queen(because countries are female) of weird and awesome stuff! See that thingie up there? It is Blood Slime comes in a blood bag! Exciting??? Imagine the pranks you can play. Woohoo! But there is no price tag though. Then again, awesomeness is priceless:)

Another thing about me, I have this thing for the sea. The clear blue sea, not the one we have in Singapore:( I think it has something to do with me wanting to be a mermaid with long hair. Haha. That was my wish when I was a little girl. This projector gives you the illusion that you are in the sea, cool max? Yup, it will relax and calm you down. It seem to be able to be a speaker too but I am not too sure about that. It would be even better it we can use it for some essential oil. Then, I would be happy. US$68 for one from Japan Trend Shop.

J-box is another place to go if you wanna see kawaii stuff! I lovelovelove cotton candy and would lovelovelove to have this cotton candy maker from J-box. It costs $150! But think, one hard candy to make yummy cotton candy. Nom nom nom! J-box is especially good to look at their bento making aids.

I love this pair of boots. It is sooo pretty. Furthermore, it does not look terribly painful to walk in. A little platform in the front there ought to help you walk better right? Haha. This is not expensive, S$30.29. This is excluding shipping though.

Oh well. This is all for today. Yupyup. I love Japanese products. I wanna go there for a shopping spree. Who wants to sponsor me? Or donate to the ''Rebecca's shopping fund'' Haha:)


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