May 09, 2011

Onions make me cry.

Well. Right now, my mom is cutting up onions in the kitchen. I am in my room and I feel like crying!!! Whoa! I cannot cut or peel or fry onions for nuts. I will cry:'(  This is not good because I like eating food with onions. For example, pasta(must have onions), tuna with onions and sardines stir-fried with onions(yummy!) So now my eyes are threatening to cry as I am typing this.

On the topic of crying, I wasted my day away on Friday, when I had a half day off from school. Argh. I choose to call it the 'stress relief day' a.k.a 'let me be lazy day'. Well. What I did was...I read 'The Notebook' by Nicholas Sparks. Oh my god. It was so so so good. I watched the movie three times, and I cried every time. It was that good. However, people said that it was nothing compared to the book. I was a little curious, but frankly speaking, I am a little prejudiced. I seldom read books by male authors. So weird right? Especially since it is a romance novel, so I was thinking, he is a guy, it is a bit disturbing that he writes romance novels. Well. I take back my words. He is absolutely AMAZING. I was crying as I read the book-___-|| I would not say the book is better, it is a different perspective from the movie. I enjoyed both. I also watched 'A walk to remember'. It is a movie adapted from a book of the same name, also by Nicholas Sparks. Sigh. I am not really into romance comedies though. I am so tempted to read all the books by Nicholas Sparks now!

On a more serious note, the elections are finally over! I am pretty sad that Mr George Yeo is no longer a member of Parliament. He was our Foreign Minister. That is a very important post in Singapore especially, since we depend a lot on the other countries. I suppose I will not talk so much about politics, because it can be a very sensitive issue. What I will say is, I think voters can be irrational-->not good:(

Yup, I am enjoying the last long weekend this month. Ciao.


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