May 10, 2011

Deactivation complete.

Well. I deactivated my Facebook account. I never realized how much time I have been on Facebook, it seem so normal for me to click the bookmark and check in every day. Then, from there, I would see that it is someone's birthday, wish them then carry on stalking people. I like to look at pictures of other people and see what is going on in their life. 15 minutes become 1 hour--> destructive behavior :/

Oh well. I am currently listening to Lady Gaga's ''The edge of glory''. I like it. I realize that she seem to be singing different kinds of songs? Well. I am not a music expert, so it is not really my place to say anything. Oh well. Today is such a blah day. The weather is hot and cold. First, scorching sun, then heavy rain for 15 minutes and back to the sun. The temperature in my room yesterday night was 32.5 degree Celsius. HOT. My father allowed the air conditioning to be switched on so it was not that bad after that. I wonder how my friend manages to sleep without the fan or the air-con. I am not in the mood today, but this cannot carry on. This is not good for my grades.

I am excited for the next episode of Vampire Diaries!!! It is pretty much the only drama I watch. I like movies about vampires with some exceptions like Twilight(no glittering in the sun for me please.) I cannot wait to see what happens next! I do not want Damon to die!!! NOOO! I love his eyes(fetish alert). I am glad that they will be up for the third season:) I think I am very mean. To tell you the truth, I only like watching show with good looking actors/actress. Well. In my defense, watching the show is supposed to be relaxing for my eyes. If I am so disturbed by how the person looks, how do I enjoy the show? Haha. That is just me.

That's all. Have you noticed that I like to jump topics? Yup, I think I do that a lot. DAMON CANNOT DIEEE:'(


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