May 15, 2011

5 Cool DIYs I wanna try! #3

Well, I found more DIYs I wanna try! AHHH. I want December first to come faster and at the same time, I want more time to study:( Sigh. Priorities, priorities.

I do not use clutches, but this tutorial is wayyy cool. It revamped some not-so-good looking clutch. The result is so amazing. Sigh. You can totally pin on some notes on it, especially when doing some grocery shopping. Haha:) Yup, I want that pink glue gun there!

I think the finger weaving method is quite interesting. I wanna try that.

This is really pretty easy! Get it? It is pretty and easy to make:) I wanna.

Yes, another pop tab bracelet. Haha. I still have not started collecting any yet! But I like this:)

Nom nom, anyone? Oreo, yum. Chocolate chip cookies, yum. Oreo in chocolate cookies, YUMYUMYUM.

Yup, That's all for today. Ciao!


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