May 04, 2011


Well, today, I was so shocked by one of the teacher's behavior! She makes me speechless. Okay. This really happened. You see, we were having our CCA(something like a club/society) meeting to write our SGC(which is like testimonial) and we were supposed to write down the things we have done for the CCA. Since I am a repeat student, I sort of have a lot of things to write in it because I have one more year worth of stuff to write. Like duh. This teacher, who came in one year later than my original batch, walked from behind me and saw what I wrote on my notebook. I had noted down all the things that we had done in the CCA in year 2009. Anyway, she walked up behind me, paused and SNICKERED!!! Oh my god. What is this??? I know you do not like me or the people in my batch but must you snicker? Where is your professionalism? Well, not like you are much older than me anyway. Okay. I know you must be wondering what is this all about.

You see, I sort of wrote down all the things we did, at the same time, I doodled all over my paper. I frankly do not know if she was laughing at my doodles or the things I wrote. I know that she is prejudiced against me and etc, but you are a teacher. You should not show your students that side of you. It is not very nice of you to snicker at anyone anyway. Arg.

I sort of have a love-hate relationship with my CCA. I actually love what we do. We hosted people from Germany, learned a lot of stuff about ourselves and I got to go to the German embassy. Seriously, it has given me a lot of opportunities to meet a lot of people from all over the world. I love doing that. But the thing is, the people in the CCA can be very very two-faced and yucky to know. For my year, I know it was because we were all leaders in our previous schools, and we had over own ways of doing things, everyone is a leader in their way and there are only so many opportunities for leadership in one CCA so someone has to be the follower. Fair enough. The leaders in the committee were chosen by teachers. Their judgement may not be perfect, but it is non-arguable. For the next year, guess how did they choose the exco members? No teachers opinion were really involved. "write down the names of ten people you want to choose to be in exco" ??? Is this even reasonable? GROWL.

I feel as if I have done a lot for the CCA, but I am not being credited at all. Everytime someone needs help, I offer my help. But this help is not acknowledged, and it makes me irritated. You should really give credit when credit is due you know?

This CCA has really shown me that there are really many many kinds of people in the world. Their attitudes differ and I really do not know how some of them think. So weird. Or maybe I am the weird one. Anyway, it can be amusing or irritating. *rolls eyes*

I am just so traumatized by the today's meeting. Thank god it is the last meeting ever. Yupyup. Story of my exciting life. Ciao!

Rebecca -____-||||

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