April 27, 2011

Today is nomination day.

Well...today is the nomination day for Singapore. All the parties are campaigning for the respective constituencies. It is a little funny seeing flags and posters all around the estate. There is one near my school. I am amused by it because it is the first day of campaigning, and there are already posters at every tree and lamp post:) Our dear government really lives up to the Singaporean kiasuness.
The PAP logo
I wonder what will be the results this year? The competition is quite strong. It is interesting to listen to the various arguments that the parties make. Thank god it is not my turn to vote yet:) My school will be turned into a polling center next Saturday so there will be a half day off on that Friday and public holiday on the following Monday! Phew. I need the rest and time to study:)

Today was quite a good day for me. We had a good discussion on one of the comprehensions on The Gender Revolution. I am a quite a feminist and so was my teacher. When she was talking about how some males are such chauvinists, my friend pointed to one guy in class. ALL the girls started laughing because she was totally right and the guy in question[actually all the boys because they could not see what was happening at the back] looked around, not knowing why we all start laughing. It was such a funny scene! Actually, I feel a little bad for him [I think] Because he has a very conventional way of thinking. Like... how girls should stay at home and take care of children, how we must be more conservative and how he think that being gay is a choice [I do not agree with that] and they can choose not to be gay. I do not agree with that either. I am sure there are other reasons. Oh well. It was just so funny, all of us were laughing our heads off[maybe not.] 

Haha and if you were wondering, I really did my economics essay in the two and half hour of break. Proud of me much? Haha. I wish everyday was as interesting as this.

Yupyup, that's all folks. Ciao!


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