September 27, 2011

My Memories Suite GIVEAWAY!

Hey Everyone,

As you may or may not know, I love playing around with images and finding new ways to make my pictures look a little special. Then, I discovered digital scrapbooking. It was quite time-consuming to do it, but the effects were worth it. Just look at the blog header! Haha. I am very proud of it. 

A while ago, I was really happy to be given an opportunity by My Memories to try out their Digital Scrapbooking software and host my very first giveaway! Previously, before I knew of this product, I always used Photoshop to edit my images. It can be quite tedious at times at you have to open every image to insert into a page. As I said, it was time consuming. However, with My Memories Suite, digital scrapbooking became so much easier. I had access to the templates that were in the suite and I could also use previous embellishments and papers I got from before. You can even create great pictures on days when you feel that your creative juices have dried up because there are designer templates that you can choose from. It is that easy. Below is a video on what My Memories is all about:

My Memories suite was also rated #1 on Amazon and TopTen Reviews. Well, after editing some of the pictures that was taken on a trip to Hatched with my friends, it is really no wonder why. 

Yes, we ate all those delicious food, but the main point is, it was just so easy for me to compile all those photos in one album. 

My favourite things about My Memories Suite are:

1) It is so much easier to add effects onto the items you add onto the pictures like shadows and rotation.

2) If I did not have a photo-editing software, My Memories Suite comes with some of the most common photo filters to add effects to your pictures. 

3) You do not need any additional software to use this with. It is really an All-in-one programme!

I really look forward to creating picture books like in the video. It can be a really good software to show off your pictures to your friends and family.

Okay, here comes the best part. My Memories have kindly given me a set of My Memories suite(worth $40) to giveaway to one lucky person! 

Here is how to go about winning this amazing software:

1) In order to qualify for the giveaway, please go to My Memories, browse through their paperpack and layouts and tell me which is your favourite by commenting to this post. 

2) For additional entries, you can

Liking or following My Memories on facebook and twitter will gain you one entry each! 

This giveaway ends on October 8th. I will choose the winner then by randon number generator. I wish you all the best!

Last but not least, 
As a special thank you for reading my blog, I would like to share with you a promo code that provides a $10 discount off the purchase of the My Memories Suite Scrapbook software and a $10 coupon for the store -( $20 value!) My code is: STMMMS40664

Well, that's all! Thank you so much for visiting this blog:) 
I hope you visit again!


September 13, 2011

Busy as a bumble bee.

Well, I have been really busy studying in school recently. I get so tired that I collapse onto the bed when I reach home. How sad is that:( But I guess it is a happy sad because I can sacrificing my free time for my future. Sigh. This is really the first time that I went back to school every single day!!! Oh wells. I guess it was not that bad because I always had someone to accompany me. You know, even if you are not talking, just studying by yourself, having someone there makes you feel much less lonely. I mean... you know what I meant. There would be someone to eat lunch with you! Haha.

A few good things happened to me these weeks and I am sort of excited to share them with you. Firstly....I got a new phone!!! I had my Sony Ericsson W995 for what felt like the longest time because everyone was using a smartphone and I was stuck with a walkman phone which was 'in' ten thousand years ago! Haha, not like I am complaining. I still love my W995. It served me well. It was my lullaby, my storybook, my camera, my gameboy, my alarm clock etc etc... So anyway, I went to the IT fair last week and got myself a new HTC Sensation!
Yes, in case you are wondering, it is enormous. It is even bigger than an iphone. Can you believe how big is that? So far, the only complaint I have is that the battery runs out awfully fast. Like...superfast. When studying in school, I only listen to music but I have to charge the phone in school. I finally understand why iphone users always bring their chargers to school.  It is okay if I do not use any apps though. The display is very nice----> high battery consumption. My favourite applications are HJ lite(teaches you Japanese), dropwords and coin dozer. Surprisingly, I do not really download tons of games. I am pleasantly surprised by myself. Haha.

Secondly, I ordered stuff from the online store SGlady again! I just enjoy looking at wacky stuff online. I got the stuff a day after I ordered it. I love how they are so efficient. Heheh. Good for people like me who cannot wait for their stuff to be delivered to them! :) Anyways...

This was what I got. Postage was 80 cents but I did not need to pay anything because they have free shipping. Haha.

From left: Strawberry curlers x2, hair straightening comb, Free DIY cross stitch kit and Magnetic toe ring x2

I know. Magnetic toe ring sounds beyond dubious. It is supposed to help you lose weight via accupressure. But after trying it out for one day, I have decided that it is too uncomfortable to wear. I rather not lose that weight. Maybe my toes are just fat:'(  The strawberry curlers worked fine, although, if you have a lot of hair, you will need more than 1 pack. The hair straightening comb is a little hard, made of plastic, but I think that it sort of works. Especially if you use it to comb your hair after shower and when it is damp, then again maybe it was just my imagination. Anyway, I gave the cross stitch kit to my mom. I give up cross stitching again. My previous attempt ended up as a catastrophe. My stitches were too ugly, so I cut them up and ended up ruining the netting thingie.

Lastly, Mymemories has kindly given me two sets of their software. One to try out and the other one to giveaway to my readers, I will be hosting this giveaway later this month because I am in the middle of my exams right now and I would really love to try out the software before giving you a sneak peek of what is it all about. So stay tuned!

Cross your fingers for me at the same time! Ciao!