March 26, 2011

Weekend crafting and rainbow[s]

Well, I admit. I did not touch any textbooks at all this weekend. My exams just ended and I am officially slacking! This is not good for my grades:/ But oh well. One weekend cannot hurt right? I decided to tidy up my crafty corner and guess what I found?
 a project waiting to be finished!
This is something I did a long while ago. In fact, it took me 2 minutes to figure out what was it supposed to be! Well. It was supposed to be a bow. I decided to finish it there and then.

I sewed the middle together with a hair tie and wrapped it with yarn to secure it. But then, after I did it, I got another idea and I decided to do another one using different stitches.

I used materials for PSE from:
These are the two bows I ended up with. I do not know what to do with them now! Should I wear them to school, or should I give them to someone? Hmmm.

Oh. Something interesting happened while I was out with my family today. At about 1900, we saw a very beautiful rainbow:)
Single rainbow with beautiful arch
At first, we saw a rainbow that stretched across the sky, we were like, ''This is beautiful!'' Everyone across us started taking out their camera to snap pictures.

Is that a double rainbow?
Seconds later, my father mentioned that there is a second rainbow appearing. It took me a while to see it, I tried to take a picture of it, but it did not appear on my phone. Disappointed, I went back home. When I uploaded the picture and opened it on photoshop to adjust the levels, I got a pleasant surprise. If you see carefully, you can actually see the second rainbow above the first!

Something funny happened when I was taking a picture of the second picture. A lady who was standing behind starting saying something like...''Oh! Something big must have happened somewhere around the world! If not, this would not happen!'' I was stunned and amused. It sounded even funnier in Chinese, because she was saying it with conviction. I have nothing to say-.-


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