March 29, 2011

I had a bad day.

I consider myself a relatively optimistic person. Whenever I feel upset, I could always cheer myself up somehow.  I would think and think and tada! I realize that it is not such a big deal to be upset over and I would get over it. But frankly, I hate this process. I would go through many emotions and I would even break down.

Well, I am going though one of this difficult times right now. I got back two of my more important papers and I scored badly in them. I studied. Not as hard as I was supposed to, I must admit, but I thought it was enough to scrape through. I was wrong. I feel so bad and angry for myself, mostly because I know I can do much much better.

At this point, I am grateful that I have such caring classmates, you see, I like doodling in class to keep myself awake, and I wrote this on my doodle book:
This is the largest I can make it. My dear friend, your handwriting is too small!
When I wrote this, my classmate saw it, and wrote the bottom one. Sigh. If only it was that simple. 

Alright. I promise, today is the last day I will be sad. From tomorrow onwards, I will be back to my talkative chirpy self. Really:]


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