March 19, 2011

I am addicted to...

Source: Nopti Orientale in Deviantart

I am addicted to sleep.
When I feel tired, I sleep.
When I feel very stressed out, I sleep.
When I feel bored, I sleep.
When I see my bed, I sleep.

This is very bad for my general health being:( I love to lay on my bed, thinking and thinking about things around me. Unconsciously, not surprisingly, I FALL ASLEEP! It seem to me that when I sleep, all my troubles go away. It is so serene. It is magical. Sometimes, I have dreams. Even when I doze off in class. Weird dreams. Recently, I dreamt of Earthquakes happening in Singapore. Twice. Then the Japanese Earthquake happened. I know it is a coincidence, but it freaks me out a little. What if it ever happens in Singapore? Would I survive it? I live on the top floor of an apartment. The 11th storey. I dreamt that when the Earthquake happened, the buildings swayed like willows in the wind. I hope that would never happen. Oh well.

I was supposed to study the whole day today, but guess what? I studied a while, ate dinner, then fell asleep on the bed for two hours. Oh well. Examinations start on Monday and I am going to Universal Studios Singapore tomorrow. If I am not such a greedy girl, I would tell my parents I wanna stay home to study. But I am. So, I am going to USS tomorrow. I wanna take the rides! Oh well. I cannot wait to see my mom's colleagues sons tomorrow. They are mighty cute!


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