March 06, 2011

Typical Sunday:/

Well, as the title said, today was a typical typical Sunday for me, had trouble waking up at 1000 and then Chemistry tuition at 1400. Tuition is a wake up call for me, I guess. We had to do organic chemistry! I know I like Organic Chemistry the best because it does not contain any numbers! Haha. It is sort of like a game, you have to mix and match to obtain the correct combination to get the correct answer. Quite fun when you can do it. I am promising myself, I am going to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE until I can do the questions with one eye closed. I think this is my key to an A for Chemistry.

I have not started doing my homework yet:( I am going to do it immediately after this. I swear!!! I did my first online shopping last Saturday. People who know me knows I am a verry stingy person. I hate to spend my money. But I made an exception this time round. Guess what bought? Deco supplies for Japanese deco^^ Heehee. I am very excited because I am expecting it to arrive tomorrow. I hope that it will be delivered to my house when there is someone home though. Because if not, I will have to go to the post office to get it. I bought my deco supplies from Sophie and Toffee. They seem to be the only rhinestone sellers that offer reasonable prices. What do I do with these wonderful sparkly thingies? I decorated three headbands(which I gave away), a pen(which I also gave away), some hair clips and a mirror for myself. It was tiring and fun at the same time.
My mirror
My dear mirror is not perfect, I know, but I love it so who cares what people say! It is made from cabochons from Daiso($2), Real Swarowski crystals (exxx) and cheap acrylic crystals. Those do not shine as much but they are much cheaper. I just bought resin rhinestones, I cannot wait to try that out:) The website mentioned that they shine as much as Swarowski!

I also bought a pair of earphones for $28.72. It was the 20% discount that drew me to it. The original price was $35.90. I bought the brown coloured one. Should I deco it or should I not? Maybe I should deco my cheapo $10 ones from TDK. Make it look like it was $30 worth. Haha. We will see if I have the time.
Ear phones..made in China! 
Okay, back to doing homework. Ciao!


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