March 17, 2011

Tutorial: How I do my deco-den:]

This is how I do my deco-den for a compact mirror.
Step one: Set up my table to get started. From left, I have a scrap piece of paper to put the glue on(I use deco glue that dries in about half hour, but you can also use epoxy glue. Please make sure it dries in the amount of time you need to put the stuff on!) , toothpicks to spread the glue with, the actual deco glue, cabochons displayed to decide on a design, variety of rhinestone bits to tell me what I can use and at the foreground, on the left, the previous mirror I made and on the right, the one I will be making. I lay pieces of paper to cover my table to 1) find the gems easily and 2) to prevent getting glue on the table. Opps, I forgot to display my tweezers, but it is in the bag over there.

Step two: Decide how I want my mirror to look like, determine the theme and the main colour. In this case, I am choosing desserts and  pink respectively as the mirror is for a friend of mine who is giving it to his sister as a birthday present:] Put the large cabochons first. I purchased mine from Sophie and toffee and Daiso.

Step three: Next, put the large gems. I wanted a border for my mirror, so I taped the sides to ensure that I do not dirty the sides with glue. *I started on the corner before I remembered to take a picture;] Tip: Use more big gems to make your mirror more striking (and save a lot of eye power to put in tiny gems)

Step four: Starting from the border, apply glue with toothpick, put on the rhinestones with a tweezers. I use those with a curved tip, but I guess you can use whatever suits you:] Tip: Apply a little glue on a small area at a time. This prevents the glue from getting dry before you actually get to the area. As you can see, I was slowly inching to the centre.

Step five: After doing the mirror for about five hours(not counting the breaks in between) I have to admire my handiwork:) Good job I must say, I think it is nicer the the one I made for myself. I put up both to show the difference. I am not sure if you can see it, but the newly made one is definitely more dense and some of the cabochons I used are of higher quality.

One more zoomed in shot of the mirror! Well...I know the picture quality is not good, but it not bad considering that it is taken from a Sony Ericsson W995. We definitely need a new camera at home!!!


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