March 26, 2011

In my shopping cart...

Assuming I had an unlimited supply of cash,  the 5 things I would buy now are:

I think this is such a pretty dress, it would cost me $89.90. 

Yup, another dress by Zara but I love this dress! Reminds me of the good old days when I wore my polka dotted uniform<3 This would cost $129.00
This is a Cath Kidston Lucky charm bracelet at 35 pounds, ~$70++. I want it because I need the luck:) Furthermore, who does not like charm bracelets?

Ralph Lauren's (verydifficulttospellandpronouncename) shoe. It costs $350. Looks really comfy and makes you look tall! I want!!! 

Haha:) Yes, my sewing machine-to-be! At $499, I think it is quite worth it, especially since it has a pinkish touch to it!

By the way,  I enjoyed my day today with my dearest classmates:) Although we like to bully each other, they are really a joy to be with. We watched Red riding hood, it was not the best movie ever, but it was not as bad as some people make it out to be. I was sad that she did not end up with the other guy though. He is better looking;)


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