March 05, 2011

A little funny inside

Today, I saw my friends taking their 'A' levels results. It was pretty weird. When I walked into the hall, (where they were giving out the results slip) I felt like crying. It was such a funny feeling, because it is not as if I was going to get the results. I did not understand it. It was a little sadness, anticipation and some gladness. You see, I retained during J1. If I did not retain, It would have been ME receiving those results. I wanted to be there for them to give them some moral support. However, it was quite awkward. I wanted to ask them how they did, but I was a little reluctant to do so at the same time. What if they did not get their desired result? I would be so tactless to ask, right? I wandered around the hall, trying to see if I knew anyone. Most people just took their results and left the hall. This made me wonder what would it be for me next year when I go to collect my results. It also sort of shook me awake for my bubble. I left only a few more months before I go in to take my exams. It would be my turn. I am so terrified. I am glad that I retained. It gave me one more year to prepare for the very important exam of my life. I wanna get As for all my subjects. I really do not wanna see any Bs or Cs or even worse. I must work harder and not procrastinate. I really must.

On a lighter note, I got back my mother tongue 'A' level results. I did it once, then I redid it because I got a B with pass for oral and listening. Guess what I got this time? Still a B! Sigh. B with merit, but still not what I wanted. But them if I think about it again, It is not as if my Chinese was very good in the first place! But, like always, I started crying again. It was not intentional. I just felt very emotional. I was thinking, if my Chinese did not improve, then I wasted one year taking Chinese again. And I thought again...hmmm. If my Chinese standard is really just a B, then maybe I am not fated to do well in Chinese! I planned to learn French and Japanese after the 'A's so I am going to excel in them! Heck Chinese! Haha! It was just like that, I started to feel better. Now I just need to focus on my other subjects! No more Chinese FOREVERR.

A blog post never seem complete without a picture. This is a picture of my friend and myself during Japanese exchange programme last year. I had fun photoshopping the picture. Of course, I did not overdo it! I made eyes bigger, remove major blemishes and added some eyeliner. Frankly speaking, I have never ever put on eyeliner before. That was why I put it on photoshop. To see how I would look like. But I feel that I look the same! Geez. This is to inspire myself to learn Japanese so that I would be able to communicate with the Japanese when I go to Japan AND I would finally be able to enjoy reading Japanese magazines and crafty books! Yay to A for Japanese!!!
Friend and I
I am the one at the foreground. Who's prettier? Do not tell me. I think I do not wanna know:/


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