March 07, 2011

Bad habits:/

I realized that I have several bad bad habits. One of which is blurting out whatever is in my mind. There was once, when my class was doing Macroeconomics, my teacher posted us this question.

If the pi represents inflation, what is ? You know what I blurted out? Loss. Well, for people who do not take Economics, pi means profit in microeconomics, so the opposite is loss. But then, this is macroeconomics and I was not thinking. Thus, I blurted 'Loss'. The teacher looked at me and said, ''Loss?'' Opps. That, is only one example of my blurtiness. I cannot help it. i keep blurting out what I think. Do you do that? I doubt so. I should really learn how to think thrice before speaking:/

You know, Mr postman came with my package from Sophie and Toffee today at 1530:/ But I was not home so I will have to collect it myself from the post office. What a bummer. My brother was home at 1540. He missed mr postman by a tiny bit. Sigh sigh. 

Now, I have got to got back to doing some productive studying. Ciao!


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