March 02, 2011

New blog:)

I have decided to create another blog, because I feel that littlecrochetsecrets is not enough. I have this urge to write more about my life. Furthermore, I have hardly enough time for sleep, not to mention crafting:(  Hopefully, I can relieve some stress by pouring out my troubles here. Haha. It is not like anyone would be interested in my life:)

I am sort of afraid, my block tests are coming, and I am totally not prepared for it:( I have not been studying diligently, spending most of my free time catching up with my sleep. I really really wanna do well for my exams. Really. So much so that I have starting putting my timetable as my computer wallpaper so that I will remember to do my homework and pack my bag. Haha. Very exterme right? Yup...this shows my DETERMINATION!!!!:D

I have not been doing much crafting at all, but I would really love to try making the heart pompoms by Violetlebeaux. She is my absolute favourite blogger ever!!! All the crafts she make! I wish I had that amount of time:) Some people say it is not a matter of having not enough time, it is how you manage your time. I beg to differ! I need my sleep, but once I sleep, the time is just lost, and I do not even feel the effectiveness of the sleep. Is there something wrong with me???

On the other hand, my friend and I succeeded in transforming our bacteria to glow in UV light during Biology practical:) I was happy that it was a success. This made me more motivated to study harder so I can be a scientist when I grow up!
Transformed bacteria

Transformed vs untransformed bacteria:)
Haha. It was a very fun experience. I was utterly paranoid about the bacteria because they have a antibiotic resistance gene. I do not want that gene to get into my body. I kept using the alcohol to wash my gloves and I made my friend do it too!

I decoed a mirror a while ago, but I think I shall save the pictures(which I haven't taken) for another day. It is time to go back to studying!


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