April 20, 2011

Why I was excited.

Well...I was excited because I got to go out with German exchange students for one day:) I have always enjoyed bringing foreigners around Singapore. I think it is quite satisfying to tell them about Singapore and get to know them. I am glad that I got the chance this time round. So far, I have brought 2 groups of Japanese and 2 groups of Germans. I would say it is not bad considering that this is all within 3 years. I think I am much suited to bring a small group of 2 to 3 along instead of a group of 20 though. I cannot seem to catch their attention. It was quite an epic fail:( Oh well. Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself and I hope they enjoyed themselves too! Okay, On with the pictures. We only took pictures after everything ended though. They are leaving today, but I cannot see them off at the airport because I have school tomorrow:( Oh well.

With Ms Krieger
This is a picture with one of the teachers in training. Guess her age? Haha. My sweetest friend Penny is the fairest of us all!

Three locals and five Germans at Yum Cha.
There is a girl who looks Asian, but she is actually German Vietnamese. Guess who? I knew her from when I went to Germany:)

I guess I have the roundest face and I am the only one who does not use makeup. Haha. At least I have the straightest teeth, even though it was not natural[braces]

Oh well, all in all, I had fun, but it would have been even better if Rachel and Classy were there:) This was one happy thing that happened to me this week.

Yupyup. I am too tired to go into the gritty little details:)

Rebecca:/ [they are on the plane now!!!]

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