April 09, 2011

Pictures from Deviantart :)

Anyway......Well. I think that deviantART very good source of inspiration in my daily life. When I look though some of the pictures in there, it reminds me of the little things in life that happened to me. I like to look at the pictures and smile to myself because some of them are just so pretty and meaningful. Well, some are just plain humorous! Here are some of the pictures which I like:

I really love this. The first time I saw it, it reminded me of my friend Freya:) Because the name of this artwork was Amber. the second thing that struck me were the eyes. Yupyup, *whispers* I have an eye fetish. The eyes are so pretty. I wish mine were like that. But then again, if it was, I would look creepy because I am asian. Hehe. I like the way she seem to be looking at me too. The artist who drew this is really good. you should check her out!

 Yup, she is the villain in Sleeping Beauty from Disney. I think she is quite a cool person. She has eyebrows the shape of her forehead!

source: http://monkeymoon.deviantart.com/favourites/?offset=24#/dg5gyg
 A fanart for Sailormoon. I wanna draw like this. I lovelovelove the moon on this art piece. Okay. I just love the moon real or drawn.
This is a fan art for the movie, 'Sprited Away' If you have not watched it, you should. I think it is quite out of the world and touching. Oh well. All the Ghibli films are very good. I went on a Ghibli marathon once, and I enjoyed it a lot. Chihiro(the girl) and Hazu(the boy) were separated in the end.

Yupyup. That's all. Ciao


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