April 27, 2011


I just took three hours to clear up the huge pile of papers on my table. It was preventing me from studing efficiently because it was just plain distracting. I am glad that it has gotten down to one-third of its size, and I finally have more space to study:) I swear all my papers added together is like 30kg! Holding them makes me feel imbalanced. What's worse, the file can no longer stand on its own because it is so fat and heavy. I have to lean it against all the other files. I am so smart, right?

Oh well....actually I admit, I am not very efficient because it is like 12 am and I still have an Economics essay to be completed. You must be wondering why I am here then? Haha. I have a two and half hour break tomorrow=homework time! I also finished copying my notes for Biology lesson tomorrow okay. It is sooo difficult now. All the bombastic words (that I am probably never going to use after 'A's) is hurting my brain. Seriously, does oxaloacetate even look like a word to you? Even the spell-check does not recognize it-_- I provided a link for the word. Check it out only if you are really curious because I do not think you will know the definition either. Double -______-|||

Yup, another sad chapter of my life. Ciao:)


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