April 06, 2011

Rose scented tissues

Well. I know this is a random subject. But yup, tissues. My family always use tissues from Guardian, which costs us $2 for ten packets of 8 x 4 plys. I love it because it comes with different scents. We usually buy the mint scent. However this week, I thought we should buy the rose scent for a change. So that was what I did:)
It smells like Bandung to me. Bandung is drink made with water and rose syrup. Usually, evaporated milk will be mixed in to give it a creamy taste but you can have with or without. If you ever happen to come to Singapore or Malaysia, do try it. It is yummylicious! 

Okay. I sidetracked. Back to tissues. They are an essential part of my life because I suffer from sensitive nose and sinus. My nose often get leaky if there is too much dust or when it is too cold. Therefore, I always use tissues. 

Yupyup. These are done by me. Quite cute, I must say. What do you think? Ciao!


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