April 11, 2011


Well, previously I mentioned that I bought Rose-scented tissues right? I think smelling too much rose/bandung smell made me crave drinking bandung. I bought a cup today. You can see the a milkier pink on top and a deeper pink below. This is because the picture was taken before I mixed it:) I love the color!

This is taken in my school's canteen:)
 My friend bought Vitasoy and she got the idea to put two straws in her mouth to suck it up. Well...after she sucked it up, I saw pink stuff going down the Vitasoy straw-___-||| Haha.

I tried it next. It is actually nice! Thinking back, I realize that I probably drank up whatever pink stuff my friend left in her Vitasoy. Eek:/
I got back my Economics results today. I was amused by what the whole cohort of H2 Economics got.

27Es <~I got this;/

The rest got Ss and Us.

Okay, this generally means that everyone did not do well.

Oh well, as I said, I will do better next time! Yupyup, Ciao:)

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