April 15, 2011

Tutorial: How I do Eraser Deco-den

Okay, warning: this post is loaded with pictures from the newly bought Olympus Tough TG-310. The camera has quite a number of functions but it takes quite long to process stuff. My parents bought it because it can take pictures underwater. My father likes snorkeling and diving. Thus, the camera. We have to take pictures of the fishes and corals before global warming bleach all the corals and kill the fishes in the process:/

Okay, back to topic. I will be deco-ing my eraser pen and a pen cover[which I later regretted deco-ing]

Firstly, I planned what design I wanted to do. I laid the rhinestones on my table and see if it looks okay. 
I used the paper from here
After deciding what design I wanna do for my eraser, I put the glue onto my eraser pen with the glue shown below and a toothpick[also shown]. In this project, I used 5mm half pearls, 2mm clear flatback and 5mm hot pink flatback. All the rhinestones in this project were from Sophie and Toffee

After that, using a tweezer or magical pick[which I have not bought] put the rhinestones/pearls in the order shown below. Usually, I will put on the larger rhinestones first. However, in this case, I found that putting on the smaller rhinestones would be easier because it fits perfectly. Make sure that the rhinestones and pearls touch each other so that it has a less''gappy'' look to it. I used Uniball E knock eraser . It is perfect for deco-den because it has a straight body[and it is pink] I started pasting the rhinestones from the clippy thingie. It is easier to ensure that you arrange the rhinestones straight that way.

I was fiddling with the camera when I found this function---sparkle. It is very useful in making things sparkle. It is great because somehow when you take pictures of deco-den, it appears much duller than it is. I tried it out on my half finished eraser.

Shiny right? It made me quite happy. to see it ''shine''. After that few moments of awe, I went back to deco-ing....Lalala. Okay, from here on, glue, rhinestones, arrange, let it dry, glue, rhinestones, arrange, let it dry x100 times. Well, practice makes perfect and I am still practicing too.

3 hours later....

All done and ready to show off! Oh...you see the pen on the background? It is the one I regretted deco-ing because I could have used the rhinestones there to finish up my eraser. At first, I only wanted to deco part of the eraser. But after I deco-ed the pen cover I changed my mind an went back to the eraser. After happily doing some more, I realized....I had not enough pink crystals:'( Darn. I was like-____-||| REGRET! You see, the pen cover was not straight so it turn out from this

Nice part
To this....

Do you see how the rhinestones do not fit so well anymore? It became crooked. I was like....WHY??? :'( Oh well. this just gives me a chance to log onto Sophie and Toffee to buy more rhinestones. They are looking for ambassadors now, but due to my busy schedule and lack of readers, I cannot go for it. Oh well. One day when I am rich and famous.... Oh. I put a row of heart pearls into the middle because the 5mm rhinestones could not fit into it. It sort of made a nice effect though:)

I hope to finish this soon. In case you are wondering why I deco my eraser, it is because I like to doodle and I use this [my favourite] eraser to erase minute details that a normal [fat] eraser would ruin.

By the way, this is another one of the ways I do to cheer myself up. At least there is something I am relatively good at!

Yupyup, That's a very long post/not really tutorial. Ciao!


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