November 29, 2012

Books to Dramas. Rebecca in transition.

I watch way too many dramas. I just collated a list of dramas I have watch within the past 3 years, and it is a frightening amount. I can come out with a module: RL1992: Rebecca in transition. HAHAHA. Okay, It is an internal joke because I am currently studying for my module HS1002: Singapore in Transition. It is an interesting module that I think changed my views about politics in Singapore and the culture in Singapore. Very interesting to me. :) Especially for someone who wanted to be a tour guide for Singapore at one time or the other(till I realised that the pay was low. Yes, I am pragmatic this way), I think I figured all is not as it seems. Haha. Okay. Digressing. But then, my exam is in 12 hours time. I am falling sick during exams again:( Having a miserable sore throat and muscle aches. Oh well. My body never learns to stop rebelling.

So the story goes like this, I was never really into story books and novels till I was I think Primary 6. Before that, I read Enid Blyton and the other typical girl books like Mary-Kate and Ashley and Full House Michelle. I loved reading Enid Blyton books, by the way.  So anyways, I got hooked on "Anne of Green Gables". It was the first ever book that I was truly passionate about, I guess. I talked about it previously. So  when I got hooked on it, I went to buy the rest of the series. I could really relate to Anne. I do not have red hair, but I have freckles. ALL OVER...except where the sun don't shine. HAHAHA. On my knees, my ankles, my face and all over my arms. When I am bored, I would look at my freckles. Haha. There are too many to count, but it is interesting to look at them. I would never get truly flawless skin like some, but I guess I am as Caucasian as I can get with freckles. So, I do not hate them. Not that I want to be Caucasian or anything, but I think it is something that is a little different from other Asians. God knows I love being slightly different. Unique^^ I found my (fictional) kindred spirit in Anne.

Ya, so when I got hooked on books, I started reading other classics like What Katy did, Little Women, Little house on the prairie etc, etc. The weird thing is the fact that all of them had FEMALE main characters. So weird right? I never realised. I never read the The Dracula or The adventure of Tom Huckleberry Finn. So weird right? Anyway, the genre was a little limited so I went to teenage fiction. I have as strong dislike for those typical books though. Those about dating this boy, getting jealous and torn between two boys. Yuck. But most of the teenage romance fiction was like that. So I was more into the Historical and Fantasy genre. I remember by favourite series was Daughters of the Moon by Lynn Ewing. My favourite pairing was between Serena and Stanton. Haha, has this got something to do with the fact the the title has a "moon" on it and the character's name was Serena(Sailor moon's English name)??? I don't know. But their pairing was sweet. Because Stanton was a bad guy. However, Sons of the Dark, Ewing's other novel series, never piqued my interest. I also practically finished the entire series of Nancy Drew -___-   Ya, so after I finished raiding the teenage fiction, I found a historical romance novel in the teenage fiction. And so started my journey to being obsessed with historical romance fiction. It is sooo romantic and there is no annoying "torn between two guys" part. Only one true loveee. Awwwww. <3 <3 <3 Arranged marriages turned into true love always make me all sappy inside. Maybe because it will never happen in real life. (No thanks, I also do not want it) But ya. I spent 90% of my secondary school time reading and reading novel after novel. 8 books each time, visit to the library 3 times a week and borrowing everyone's library card. Haha. I was infamous okay! Haha. It was really bad. I was reading 3 books a day. I took 1.5 hours for each book. Now I think about it, I really do not know HOWWWW did I manage to do that. So ya. I am very enchanted in that sense. True loveeee, when will thee find meeee? Hahahahaha. On of my all-time favourites was The Faraway Tree. It is a children's book, but I super super love it. Hmmm. So can you imagine, my imagination can get really wildddddd. Haha.

In Junior College, I sort of ran out of books to read. I guess I reach my limit. I was not doing well in school and I had other activities like my CCA which took up some time. I really did not read much then. :/ I got my laptop, and I guess I spent most of my time surfing the web. The internet has a magical way that kill too much time. Oh, I watched many many movies.

Towards 2010, I think that was when the drama fever started, I started watching Korean Dramas. Dramas are good in the sense that they are on the computer and you can open many many windows to do multiple things at once. My habit was to play Solitaire while watching my dramas. I watched many many dramas. Korean ones though. I only started going crazy during the 8 months holidays. I was breathing in dramas. OMG. It was....haha. I ran out of Korean dramas to watch(because I was picky) and I moved to historical Chinese Dramas, which I really enjoyed. Surprise surprise! That was the extent of my practicing Chinese! Fail la. After Chinese, I watched Japanese dramas. But I did not like that much because Japanese Dramas always have very young actors and actresses that have not blossomed yet. :/ And they tend to go towards the mystery, suspense, detective type of genre. I am more of a romance comedy person. I am a really contradicting person because I like romcom in dramas, but not in movies. Aiya. I am a complicated person, as you can tell. Japanese movies are better in terms of artiste selection. I recently got hooked on some Taiwanese dramas. Taiwanese dramas are weird. Some are really nice, some really cannot make it. I do not know. Maybe I am picky. I also watched some Hong Kong dramas(I had the urge to learn Cantonese) but fail la. Because I only like the historical ones. So I learnt words like "your majesty", "sister" and the character's names. #fail.

A few weeks ago, I suddenly had the thought to compile all the dramas I have watched so yup. I got a page up. If you watched some of them, you would realise I am partial to a certain kind of storyline. Haha. Here's the page! ^^ If you need to have some ideas on what dramas to watch, you can refer to the list. I tend to like sappy romance and human drama. I cry like crazy. Haha. When I have the time, I will rate the dramas. :)

Okay, I really need to start working on my dear Singapore now. <3 <3 <3

Rebecca :)
P.S. My right hand is dreading the essays I have to write tomorrow. Poor hand. I love you berry much.

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