November 10, 2012

Fangirling and void decks.

AHHHH! I am supposed to do my opinion piece now, but I am soooo distracted! Ahem. Fangirling does this to me. I just keep smiling to myself thinking how gooooood-loooooking the artiste is. I thought I am not the kind who would fangirl, but I am wrong! I am not the extreme extreme kind, more like the silently fangirling, internally squealing kind. AHHHH. (o^^o)v I find it funny to fangirl online and post pictures, so if you know me, you can ask who am I fangirling over. Hehe. Ahhhhh. Why so handsome! I should really get back to work you know you know. AHHHH. Okay. *switches on back-to-normal mode*

Ahem. Ya. So I went for dental and driving today. It is gonna be embarrassing to talk about driving, so lets just skip that topic and get on to the main one! Void decks. I want to live in a HDB in the future. Not in a landed property. The Singapore government keeps lamenting on the fact that Singaporeans have lost the kampung spirit, but what I saw today on my walk home from the train station really warms up my heart a wee bit(because my heart is warm enough originally. HAHA.) I was walking along the void decks when I saw a group of kids and teens(OMG. Reminds me. Am I not a teen anymore? Where did my youth goooo?)  playing with small boards(well, if a long board is a long board, a skateboard is a medium board, a small board should be a small board. RIGHT? :/) playing the small board along the void decks. they were all topless and skinny. (Jealous much!) But the main point was that they were playing so happily and they blocked my way and then someone said(like a boss),"Got someone behind." One boy turned around, saw me and bowed his heads a little and said,"Sorry!" AWWWW. SO SWEET.  Then I walked on and saw my kindergarten. IT WAS GONEEE:( Well, not gone gone, but it got revamped. Turned inside out and completely changed:( Even the playground is the new kind one. I remember eating food from my lunchbox on top of the slide. Memories memories. Anyway, I was not a pretty kid. Sigh. I am staring at my kindergarten photo now. They told me to smile and I thought it was the closed mouth kind. What came out was more of a grimace. LE SIGH. I had swollen/chubby cheeks. Oh. Those are still there now, but I grew a chin! Hahahahaha. Ya. then I walked and walked and remembered all the times I walk along this road. I never moved house before, you see. So Bishan is really my home home. I love the place. I love the park. Though I rarely go there because of the sun and the fact that I am not a sporty person. But just looking at it makes me feel at home. <3 <3 <3 I think I would love to stay in a HDB in front of a park. Bishan park would be good. Haha, I hope HDB en-bloc the block when I get a flat. :p I am simple that way. Rich people need not stay in big houses. So ya. I wanna be rich too. Haha, then I can do all the crafts in the world. But this is pretty difficult, considering the fact that I just did a career test and I got these recommended jobs...

This is just the beginning. I have primary school teacher, counsellor, social worker and that kind of jobs. So that's it. If I don't find a potentially rich husband, I will be stuck in the middle-middle class in Singapore's society. Not that I mind awfully much though. Just means having less children. Hehe.

AWWW. Kindergarten kids are SOOO CUTEEE. Is it too early to want a baby? D: Yes. It is too early. I am not even halfway there yet! HAIZZZ. If no one wants me, I will go be a kindergarten teacher. Private ones pays more right? Haha, over-qualified for kindergarten teacher already. :p

Okay. That's enough of smiling to myself today. I am literally smiling like crazy to myself now. Sigh. Ciao!

Rebecca :D
P.S. I am happily forgetting I have 2 essay assignments and opinion pieces due. BAD.

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