December 01, 2012

Food and Cheesy potato recipe, my style.

Well, I love potatoes. I love potatoes and udon. Not together, but I love them both. However, my father saw a variety programme that mention that udon is not good for losing weight because it is made of high protein flour. Haiz. Anyways, I just wanted to post some pictures of the yummy food I made/ate recently. Nom.

Mummy bought us Ah Zhong mee sua from TAIWAN! OMG. It flew all the way back to Singapore and was still warm! <3 <3 <3 She bought like 3 big bowls worth of it in the lock and lock container. Yummy. Cannot wait to go back to Taiwan to eat their mee sua again and again! It is very famous by the way! My only concern is that I do not like the vinegar in Taiwan. Still has the coca-cola smell to me. :/ I bought my China/vinegar sold in Singapore over on the previous trip in the sushi soya bottle and had it spill in my S$80 Japanese bag on the way to Dan Shui. *heart pain* But it was worth it. Because the noodles tastes 10x better with my favourite vinegar. Haha.

Met up with Josephine and Lynette after a long time and ate in their school. Not bad, I am partial to smoked salmon though. Haha.

This is how I eat my green apples. Because the skin is very thick and hard, cutting them across then coring them with a corer makes it so much easier to eat. Furthermore, you can apply the yoghurt on top. Ahhhh. Yoghurt and apple tastes soooo goooood! Ahhh. Hahah. Red apple tastes nicer with yoghurt, but green apple tastes nice with it too! Don't cha think the apple looks happier like that? ^^

Mariska, an exchange student from The Netherlands, got her parents to share this joy with us! Her version of candies. HAHA. I expected candies, but this is one packet of yummy cookies! It is cinnamon flavoured, tastes very much like gingerbread cookies but in the shape shown on the packet! It is so adorableee. <3 She is going back in December though. :/ I will miss all the HS8008 girls. Those 3 hour lectures were made bearable with all of you awesome girls! Learning about Culture and Globalisation was taken to another level. Haha.

Ohhh, there is an "atas" restaurant in school! Called "Venice", the food there costs slightly more than Pitchstop. Like $10+++ This was the Salmon toast. Told you I am partial to salmon. I always end up eating salmon with something. Haha. I super like the salad here! I got a tiny shock when I saw it at first because the salad sauce looked like...dark sauce =__= But! It was gooooood. Omg. I love the sauce. Must be the good kind too, because they were stingy with it. Like a few drops only. Next time, I will try the pork something pasta!

Hehehehe. Restaurant looking food! Nom! Potato, saut√©ed with butter and baked with cheeseeee. Swiss and Cheddar. It was so good, it deserves another picture.

Here's the recipe:

For one portion,

1 1/2 potatoes. (I used medium ones, but one big potato would also do)
2 large pinches of fine salt.
2 tablespoons of butter.
4 table spoons of cheese. (Can mix and match)

First, using a non-stick pan, put in butter and use low heat to melt the butter. Increase heat by a bit and put in cubed potatoes and sautee with the salt. While doing that, mush it a bit with the frying slice/wooden spoon. This is to increase the surface area to volume ratio so that more of the potatoes would get the buttery goodness and texture is improved. When you can see the potato turning a little brown from the caramelized butter, turn off the heat and bring out your casserole/plate/whatever bake-able bowl and scoop half of the potatoes onto it. Put in some cheese in and the rest of the potato on top! Dump cheese on top!!! I think I put in more than 4 tablespoons of cheese, haha. In my experience, Swiss cheese does not turn a pretty golden-brown. I think the best mix of cheese would be Parmesan and Cheddarrr. Cheddar then Parmesan on top! Bake till the cheese turns golden brown like above. As you can see, there are parts where it does not. I suspect those are the Swiss cheese part. Haha.

This is the mashed version, the lazy way where I mashed the potatoes and butter together, put it in the cup, piled cheese on top. It was not as good as the unmashed one. I love the half-mashed, half cubed texture.

Okay. Are you hungry yet? If you finish up all the cheese before your potatoes, the potatoes inside also taste good with a little Greek yoghurt/sour cream/cream cheese. I eat this with an omelette. Western food all the wayyyy, my style! Usually, I would want to drink soup after. So I make TOM YUM SOUP. Fat la me. Hai.

That's all. Ciao!

Rebecca :\
P.S. Sick, with two more exam papers and no motivation to study.

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