November 22, 2012

Sociological humour.

Well, for those who are not aware, I am studying sociology as of now, 22/11/12, 1417 Singapore time and I keep getting distracted. So I might as well write another blog post. Sociology has changed the way I see the world. Not necessarily for the better, because I have started finding humour in everything. Humans are so funny. We are so funny that as a human, I should not laugh, but I cannot help myself. I have this amazingly surprisingly humorous textbook called "The Practical Skeptic" It just hits all the right notes in me and I can clearly see the author's points and sense of humour.

 For example, the funny why we see ourselves and others. We see ourselves through our looking glass. What we do is highly dependent on what others will see in us when we do it. George Herbert Mead's "me" and "I", I can understand totally. The "me" controls my "I". For example, "I" have a freaking itchy mosquito bite on my arse cheek, "I" badly want to scratch it. But "me" knows that that would be social suicide, so in the end, I gritted my teeth and resisted the urge #truestory. Hahahaha. Hahahaha. Don't judge la. You know it happens. So it set me thinking. Why do we even have this silly "me"? Wouldn't it be better if we didn't? Has it got to do with Adam and Eve? Before Eve ate the apple, I supposed she did not have a "me". That's way they were not aware of their lack of clothes? Hahahaha. Can you imagine how funny the world would be if their was only a "I" and no "me"s in the world? No removal of armpit hair(ewww!), no aesthetic surgeries or whatever(crooked teeth for everyone) and even picking your nose in public. Hahahahaha. Does anyone see my sense of humour? Or do you think I am plain weird now? Hahaha. I cannot stop giggling to myself. This is just one example. I also came across funny statements while studying for sociology or doing research. Some really kept me laughing and laughing.  

Here is one from the Straits times, The Singapore newspaper about mammogram. (October 28, 2007 Sunday) [Can I do away with the wacky citations on my blog?] I was doing research for my cancer assignment, a perfectly not-funny-at-all topic. Then I saw........

"You'd think science would have advanced beyond clapping a bun-like boob between two plates, turning it into a pancake-like plinth, but there we are."

HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA. Funny? I know it is not funny in the sense that it is a recommended test to test for breast cancer, but if you look at the style of expression that the writer used.....HAHHAHA. 

Okay. That's a short post for now. 1439 now. Maybe I will keep tabs on what funny things I see while doing my sociology, and post here once in a while so I can come back and laugh. Seriously, this blog can be a really funny joke sometimes. Other than the serious crafty parts, of course! *wriggles brows* Hehehehe. 

That's all. Ciao, everybirdy.

Rebecca ;) 

P.S. Back to Singapore in Transition. FYI, Singapore was not a fishing village before Raffles. HA! You don't say? 
P.S.[2] Should this post be put under the school label? Hmmm. *undecided and indecisive*
Okay la. Put. Bacause I am a kiasu Singaporean. 

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