November 17, 2012

Applicable hashtags.

Well, I just thought of an interesting and short post I can post about myself! Haha, hashtags! I have many informal middle names. I am Rebecca foreverlate, foreverchiongster, foreveralone, foreverbroke Lim. Haha. I am quite sure I will think of more as this post go by. Haha. This will be a hilarious post when I look at it in the future. I am finding it hilarious that I think I will find this post hilarious in the future. Hilarious-ception.

I am #foreverlate for meetings and gatherings with my groupmates and friends. (Sorry! I try not to, but I always end up late 90% of the time. The other 10%, I would probably end up too early.)

I am #foreverchiongster. I am such a badddd procrastinator that I ALWAYS end up staying up all night the day before ANY deadline. I hate it, but I am always CHIONGING.

I am #foreveralone D: . I have to say, I have a pathetic excuse for a social life compared to people my age. I wonder why... Not no social life, just much less. I like to stay home.

I am #foreverbroke. I always save up money, but end up spending them on something. Money do not stay put! >:( I spend so much on dental and driving, I used up all my income(50% of it anyways) from my 8 months holidays. :( I need a job.

I am #foreverannoyed at my brother, who just enjoys getting on my nerves.

I am #forevershocking my friends with my cool/weird/amazing/rare sense of humour. Hahaha. I am like a walking joke. :< What to do? I am glad to provide you with some laughter. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

I am #foreverbigface. I have like the biggest and roundest face I know. WHY? So annoying when I take pictures with pretty friends! Never mind, got PS! (Photoshop, not plastic surgery.) HAHA.

I am #foreversleepy. Anywhere, everywhere, anytime, everytime. It annoys me to no end! Yes, I annoy myself sometimes. How do I sleep for 10 hours, and still feel sleepy. I can sleep for 20 hours a day please. A talent, no doubt.

I am #foreverdreaming about the storylines in romantic dramas happening in real life. I am a hopeless romantic. Sigh. This is bad for surviving in our pragmatic society of today. I am too horribly not disenchanted enough for my own good. Uh-oh. I just soci-ed away. Pardon me, my dears. Haha.

What #forever hashtags woould you apply to yourself? Haha. It might make you look at yourself in a more interesting angle. Haha. That's all for today. Ciao, mon ami!

Rebecca :)
P.S. Opinion pieces and one essay to go!

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