November 21, 2012

My alma mater, for charity, patience and devotion.

Well, my alma mater just turned 170 years old on the 16th November. Although I am not in the school any more, I will always see St. Margaret's as my school, forever and always. I will always be proud of my polka-dotted uniform. Omg. As I was googling for a good picture of our dear uniform, I found this picture.


Guess what! The FIRST thing I noticed was the HANDWRITING! :) You know whyyyyy? This picture was drawn by my dear friend! Yes, my friend, I can recognise your handwriting! <3 Surprise surprise! Hahahahaha. That's why I love my friends. I know they are people who will stand up for whatever they believe in. ^^ Although I am sure my school uniform was not as form-fitting as it looks in the picture, this is a good picture to explain why we LOVE our school uniform! :p I felt our unity as a school at it fullest when the newspaper reported our school as the one with the "uncool" uniform. Everyone was so offended by the article. Our school uniform should be the coolest! (I insist!)

It seems like yesterday when I was still in school. But my memories of my dearest school seems to be fading away slowly, but surely. My deepest impression was me not studying, reading 3 novels a day, going to the library 3 times a week and still managed to do relatively well. I do not know how did I do that. I am amazed at myself. I also remember getting third (last) in class in secondary one and jumping to the 2nd in class in secondary two because I jumped from the better than average class to the last class. Haha.Yes, they had rankings in our report books :( But I think I always seem to perform better in lousy classes. Same in primary school. I was in the average classes (3C, 4C) and was average. Then, I went to 5B and yay! Got 2nd in class. Missed the chance to go up on stage to collect my book prize (The Indian in the cupboard and When Hitler stole pink rabbit) because I went to Denmark. Unfortunately, as much I loved the former book, I never got enough interest to read the latter (Sorry Rachel, not really into war) This means a lot though. Because I usually only read books by females or when the main characters are females. The latter book had a girl with a pink rabbit toy and I picked it up first. But I never got past the first chapter(I think. Or was it the first couple of pages?) HAHA. Ahhhh. As I am writing this, the memories come gushing back in bits and pieces. The reading book list for the school holidays always had books from the Amber Brown series on it   and my Primary 6 English teacher's "advocation" for the Anne of Green Gables and my subsequent love for the series because I can totally relate to her(Anne)! Secret: I never liked my Primary 6 English teacher because of the time she read my awful composition in class as an example of what NOT to do. :( I also remember that the girl's name in the composition was Laura. D:

The games I played with my primary school friends. The stamp game, where we had to write letters and  purchase stamps....we had wages and jobs. I was the post(wo)man. Hahahaha. And the secret tunnel game with Rebecca (My best friend for the majority of my primary school life) Hahahaaha. I remembered we imagined that there was a tunnel under our houses and we can find each other in the tunnel! We did this tunnel thingie over the phone! HAHAHA. OMG. Memories! I used to spend HOURS on the phone. Now, the maximum time seems to be 15 minutes. I guess people these days lost the interest of talking to just one person on the phone. They rather talk to two or more on the internet...:( I should do more of these posts so that one day when I have dementia, I can come back and read all my stories and laugh to and at myself. HAHA. I also remember the sad times, me crying over the quarrel I had with Rebecca and the sadness I felt when we drifted apart. Like really really drifted apart. I feel the same way with all of my friends. It is so sad that no matter how close you are, you will drift apart one day. Even if you keep in contact, you will never reach the same closeness you had when you were closer. Because you no longer experience the same thing. You cannot. Because time does not rewind. I cannot say much for those with BFFs, because I do not have one. But I am sure no matter how close you are, there are times you feel this way too. :s

This post is getting too solemn. My hopes for everyone is that we remain true to our friends. Keep our friendships as real as possible. Make friends with people who really accept you for who you are. Not with the most popular or the prettiest. Even though at this point of my university life, I feel like I have not found any real kindred spirits yet, I remain positive that the future will surprise me with some. (Actually, that is quite tough to do because I am really quite a queer person.) But one can always hope.

For charity, patience, devotion let's be known,
these qualities St Margaret's shown,
On which our school has grown.

Yes, I typed it out by memory, then checked with the school official website to make sure I was correct. Haha. Only a minor mistake. Not bad right!

At this point of time, I just finished looking through the school's revamped website and realised that many teachers have changed. Ms Kee, whom I met on the bus that day, was not on the list any more. As I looked through the teacher's names, some got married (my girl guides teacher) and some left. I teared. The song that was running through my head was this:

The theme song of The Land Before Time. I just feel sad. All the times that went past, the good and bad. I can never go back again, the carefree times. I just feel like holding on to all my friends and hope that we will never lose contact with one another like my parents and their friends(most anyway). One can hope that with social media, people will put more effort into keeping in contact.

So, that's enough sentimental stuff for one day. My hope is that one day, someone will look at the star I left behind and remember that I was there. Even if I did not get to wear the green robe in the end, I was the 49th in school for O levels Okay!


Rebecca *smiles sadly*

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