May 09, 2013


WHEEE! Summer holidays are finally here! I started my summer holidays with a friend's birthday chalet at Treehouse villa @ Changi! It was really really far away from everywhere else but IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL! I had a balinese feel to the place. It is not the typically eeky chalet. Really nice^^ One of my friend's friend asked me if I was a teacher. HAHAHA. Just because I spoke English? She is funny. Do I give off the teacher vibes??? I hope nottttt.

When my final paper ended, I realised I did not have anything planned at all. Unlike the A levels, when I spent 3 years planning what to do, I realised I had no plans for my summer vacation! I did not know what I wanted to craft, work or do. Frankly speaking, I was quite lost.


I realised that I have been religiously pinning things on my pinterest boards^^

I have something to be creative about afterall! Okay, so I have decided that for the summer vacation, I am going to brush up on my sewing skills, and craft more. Take up baking again and learn something new! Maybe learn to shop at Taobao, where it is CHINESE ALL OVERRRR. Haha. Takes brain power to figure out how to use it.

I am going to update my wannados. HAHA. It has been a while. I plan to eat more healthily too. Surprising how my craving for Mcdonalds and all bad food cease with the end of my exams. HAHA. I will have a food post soon. Nom nom. After all the Famous Amos I have eaten the past weeks, I guess it is time to be healthy  and lose some weight!!! *determined!*

Okay, I aim to accomplish 15 craft projects this summer! And I will post them all here! It will be my Summer craft challenge! Okay, this will be fun^^

I am looking forward to Summer. Are you? :)


P.S. On a more solemn note, my grandmother will be going for her operation to remove her tumour on 130513. Please pray for her.

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