May 16, 2013

Food, Glorious Food!

So, I have been lying at home these two weeks. All my nasty unhealthy cravings gone. But a human still has to eat right? I have been making my own food, falling ill, looking for jobs(in vain) and crafting. This post is all about food though. Me being me, lazy as I am shan't even bother to edit the colours this time round. HAHA. Bad lighting and all.

Gelato from the ice-cream shop in school. Green tea and teddy bear flavour. Haha. I always have faith in blue coloured ice-cream. Maybe because the colour is so icky (in my personal opinion, because blue is a appetite suppressant), they tend to compensate with better taste. It is like toffee flavour. Nomnom. 

Soup spoon! This was in Bugis! After we went for an interview together. My beloved tomato and basil soup. Haha. Qing Lin did not finished her share. She is totally not a western food lover. 

Right after our first paper which ended at 1900. We went to Pique-Nique and oh boy, was the portion large. I was not feeling entirely well that day, but this is good stuff! My friends went on to eat dessert. I was still struggling to finish my food!

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL/ EXAMS. Lamb something something from Salt and tapas bar or something at Raffles city! I loved this and once again, Qing Lin felt it was not worth it! Haha, I feel bad for her, but I tried to warn her! This was where we paid $8++ for sparkling water. HAHA, reminded me of Germany 2010 <3 I miss those days. The sourdough, though not very sour, was good. I like it!

Okay. Home quarantine AKA no social life starts here.

Corn and Chicken soup with cold baked potato with cream cheese and ham and pickles!

It was a veggie day so I drank Corn and Mushroom soup, and ate baked potato with cream cheese and pickles and papaya pickles. I ate a quarter of papaya after that. I was trying to make my skin better!

Yay! A change! Soba noodles with boiled cauliflower and frozen strawberry yoghurt. Oh, a half boiled egg to go with the leftover sobe sauce. Nom. I loved this meal!

Corn and Chicken soup with  a quarter of a cauliflower inside! It was good! I added a dollop of cream cheese in!

The next day, I fell ill, but I also felt like baking, so I made lemon chiffon cakes using this recipe! OMG, this recipe is the bomb! Or maybe it was the top flour. But nevertheless, it tasted so nice to me that I made a second batch. I am biased because I like chiffon cakes. Haha.

First batch, half the portion and unfortunately, the more successful batch. Hai!

Look at how soft it was! I  barely squished it!

LOOK AT THE TEXTURE! Okay, it tasted like lemon chiffon, eggy, fluffy but I think I will prefer pandan chiffon better. Maybe because I use cupcake cups instead of the cake pan, I felt that the cupcakes tend to float up! There empty spaces in the cup itself. Hmmmm.

Okay, lastly, today's lunch.

Corn and Chicken soup (AGAIN) with green apples and italian tuna from Korea. I found the tuna a little too salty, but, it tasted weirdly good with the tangy green apples. Haha, I have so many cans of corn and chicken campbell soup because I had a craving for it and it was on discount. I think it is time to move away from it thought. Cream based soups are not the healthiest food on Earth. Oh, neither is canned tuna. Haha.

Okay, that's all I wanted to say.

Rebecca :)

My grandma came out of surgery in pain but okay! Doctor says she has a little bit of high blood pressure right now but I will keep praying for her:)  奶奶 加油!

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