May 01, 2013

Taiwanese Drama, Love Now, stole me heart!

I have been following the drama since November of last year. I think my Soci mates are sick of me squealing and fangirling over the awesomeness of the drama. As you can see from the list of dramas I have watched, I am really quite crazy about them. And these were from 2 years ago. Within the span of 2 years, I watched all these dramas. -.- From Japanese to Chinese to Taiwanese to American to British to Korean. Hahaha. When I ran out of dramas to watch in one category, I moved to the other. Hahahahaha. Sooo.....not many drama hit me so hard and I hardly ever watch a drama which has more than 50 episodes. I think the last time I was so fangirly was when I watched Playful Kiss in 2010. But this.....I got sucked in within the first 10 episodes and got stuck ever since. Never had a Mandarin drama made me so....fangirly. Hahaha. Influenced one other friend (and more to come) into watching the show and she started fangirling with me. HAHAHAHA. Power of me.

The story? It is about Yi Ru being pranked my her sister and ex into going for a holiday at some island in the Philippines. They told her she had cancer and could only live for xxx months. They did this because she was a workaholic and they want her to get a break. So she did and she met this totally amazing guy who happened to have a crush on her since college, hahahaha. The story went on to talk about how they met, what they did their courtship process, when they got married, when she became pregnant, problems that popped up and how they overcame those problems.

The show gave me quite a shock towards the end that made me cry and bawl like a baby till...... I saw the ending. Hahahaha.

I really super love the OTP and all the supplementary characters! Ahhhhh. The show attached so much meaning into the songs(for me) that I downloaded the songs and listened to Mandarin songs for the first time in like....10 years. Hahaha. That's how much I like the show! Even though the last part of the ending a bit tacky and clique. Hahaha.

I was looking for all the song titles when I found this website! I listened to most of the songs, but my favourite is Alibi by Yen-J.

This song ignites the most feelings in me because they play this song when the OTP are together. Hahaha, <3 <3 <3

And then, I heard this song!

Sounds familiar? Sounded soooo familiar to me, that I started thinking and thinking where did I hear it from other than during the drama?!?!?!?!

I realised why.

That's why. I has almost the same melody as Queen of my Heart by Westlife! Slight changes here and there, but almost the same! Shocked was I, that I decided to write a blog post about it. Hahaha. Talk about the drama at the same time! <3

I am really happy that Annie Chen and George Hu are going to act together again. Reignite the chemistry you had together in Love now please!

Okay, I have to go back to studying NOW. I have 3 more papers to go. EXCHANGE EXCHANGE EXCHANGE. GOGOGOGO!

Bye everyone! ~~~

Go watch Love Now! You can watch it from here or just youtube it. IT IS TOTALLY WORTH 72 EPISODES AND MOREEEEEE~~~~

Rebecca :D


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