December 29, 2012

2012, The year in review.

Well, 2012 had been a really good year for me, I guess. I is pretty funny how I look back on my previous blogsposts and find myself giggling and crying in the middle of the night. I aim to record down all the significant happenings that happened to me so the even if I lose my memory or die or something, there is something somewhere that I left my mark on. For now, it is this blog. So, here goes. Oh ya. I have a dead external hard disk that has a lot of my precious memories and photos stuck in there. I hope that technology would one day enable me to retrieve my data at a lower cost. :( For now, I will treat it as a time capsule. Thank god I have some of the photos in here(the blog) Not all is lost.

2012 started off really happily! After all, 'A' levels(oh dreadful thing it was) just ended and I was free to enjoy my holidays minus the homework and the stress. I got a job at the call centre with relatively high pay so I had income! I was really excited to start crafting and yada yada. 

1) I learnt how to knit! 

I started knitting a lot of bows. Hahaha. Gave them all away. On hindsight, I think it is really too kawaii for a lot of people to pull it off. :(

I am really proud of it! No pattern used! 

Other than a bow, I made two scarves! Okay, one scarf and one cowl. Haha. 

Cowl made with yarn from Josephine! It is really comfy! I think I will make another! ^^ I gave it to ma god mother, but the next one, I will give it to Josephine! 

This other scarf, made with a funky yarn! I will give this to my younger cousin. It is slighter shorter than a regular scarf. Josephine gave me the other yarn, similar but in blue and purple. I think I will make that for her brother! Need to find more younger kids. Haha.

Knitted my first bunny! Tutorial from here! Gave it to my bunny-loving friend. Tried to make it look more like a Holland loop. Haha. 

2) I used my sewing machine! 

My first project was a period pouch, the kind used to put your pad in. HAHA. I attempted to embroider too. But I am really not that good at it. 

It took me some courage to post this, a failure:( My "skirt". Which looked way to fat on me. #FAIL.
Oh well. I will try it again next time. Yes, that is my bed sheet. A Snow White one. Hahaha.

Made a pouch and a bag for Kelly doll. Most successful sewing projects so far. Fail la. Shall improve!

As you can tell, I am not very very successful with the sewing machine. Haha. It is okay, I will try harder next time!

3) MORE Deco-den!

Made my own phone case with deco-den! 

Really proud of it, but it is quite worn out now. I need to make a new one when I get my new phone next year. Haha. Tutorial here!

4) I learnt to make some jewellery! 

Haha, I am not really into beading, but I made some simple bracelets and earrings and more to come!

Fancy a feather in your hair? Yes! Haha, I have yet to wear it anywhere though. Maybe I should bring it to Korea. 

Bracelets made with howlite!

Ohhh. I like this one! I will give it to my Korean friend because she commented on the pink one I made previously.

I think the pink one is nicer, but I had to change the design because I did not have enough suede. Suede is expensive:(

Stretchy anklet for me! 

Wrapped bracelets for everyone! Tutorial here!

5) I learnt how to do Wire Art!

This one is really fun to do! It is quick too, compared to crochet or knitting. 

Super love the simple bow design! Whoever thought of it was a genius! I followed the tutorial from I SPY DIY, but added another loop on the bow because I like it that way. 

Heart! I did not really follow any tutorials for this one. Just...followed my gut feelings. HAHA.

Made some initial rings, but I am too lazy to take a picture, so it will have to wait. ^^

6) Last but not least, I crocheted even more! Haha, my first ever craft, I must say. I still think I crochet the best even though I am running out of patterns to do. 

Elephant for Lynette, tutorial here!

Butterflies! I need more lace crochet patterns:(

Dress for dearie! I made everything without pattern. 

Dress was on dearie before I put it on Ariel! Ariel is much skinner. Haha. This picture of her is my current favourite!

DIY button made with my own fabric and pink flower clip. Haha, gave this to my cousin.

TELL ME. THIS IS BEYOND CUTE. No one to give to:( Too cute already. I wanted to give it to my cousin, but decided against it. I always give her things, but I never did see her use it. Haha. 

That's almost all the things I made this year! I am sure there are more stuff, but the photos are probably in my hard disk in coma. Haha. Oh well. 

That's all for today. I will be leaving for Korea in a bit, so this will be my last post of the year. 2012 had been  really good for me. I hope it was for you too! ^^ Ciao!


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