December 13, 2012

Contact lens review: Blincon red lens

Well, I really liked the Blincon Pink lens, so when I saw the deal for more contact lens from Blincon, I bought 4 boxes boxes with a click on Groupon. It is amazing how these kind of coupon sites and all shopping sites for that matter makes it so easy to pay the money to them. All you need is enter all the details once, and then and forever more your money will disappear with a simple click.

Okay, so on with the review. This is also from the BB range.

The colour I bought this time round was red (new and not shown) and green. They still have orange, which I am also interested in, but that's for the next round because I bought a brown pair instead. Hehe. So here is what the blisters looked like. 

Was so happy to have red eyes again:)

I super love how the ring of the lens is quite thick, so it makes your eyes larger than it really is.
In terms of comfortability, it is the same the the pink one. I wore it for about 8 hours without any problems. I really love how it looks on me though.

Here is a picture of me with it. I stole it from Facebook! Okay. I did edit my eyes a wee bit bigger and face quite a lot smaller. Haha. Oh, and my neck and arms a wee bit slimmer. As you can see, my face still quite big. Hmmmm....genetics. Sigh, the eyes looks nice! Not really scary too. I mean, people usually go ewww at red eyes, but I like it. Haha.

Here's a close-up of my eye! Hahahah. I super super love this pair of lens!

Look! Even with my lousy camera and bad lighting, you can still see the red colour! Heh heh.

You know, this high-contrast picture could have been perfect if it was not pixelated. LOOK AT HOW RED IT IS! Haha, you can also see my sparse lower lashes. Like specks of dust. -___-|||

Okay, the last picture! I did not even photoshop this picture. Only cropped it. 

Okay, I cannot full express my love for this pair of lens. I cannot even choose between this pair or the pink ones. I bought the green ones too! I will write about that another day. ^^ 

I need to buy more contacts when I go to Korea! I researched and it is written on the internet that Korean girls are more into brown lenses though. Hmmmm. Oh well. 

That's all. Ciao!

P.S. Still worrying about the Facebook cover page I have to design. 

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