December 12, 2012

Hatch day~~~I am 20 already?!

Well, I happen to turn 20 today. I do not feel any difference actually. Haha. Just slightly happier that I am getting a little bit of attention today. The day started late. I woke up at 1330! Cooked some lunch and left for dental. I always enjoyed craft shopping in Plaza Singapura. Always Spotlight, then Daiso! Haha, the best part is I always keep my spending under $50. Today was good because I finally got my PINK GLUE GUN. I am always harping about it and I finally got it! YAY! I think I can buy a tool box for myself already. Because the next thing on my list are pilers. Hahaha. I really have quite a lot of craft items in my room....I need to reorganize my stuff.

I ate normal minced meat noodles for dinner. I was sort of frustrated because I wanted to buy my hair extensions after Daiso, but my godmother called and said she wanted to meet me. I was not really really into meeting her, I do not know why I was like that. I felt obliged to meet her. I could not reject her :/ So instead of going to buy hair extensions, I ended up going to NEX and having dinner with my godmother. Actually I can understand her feelings, but sometimes, even though I really appreciate it, I just do not....Argh.

Everyone at home is sick. I think I passed my cold to others and I am just recovering from all the illnesses accumulated. So birthday meal is postponed to Saturday. :) Looking forward to my sashimi!

I was really really touched when Rachel and Freya called me to sing Happy Birthday when I was browsing in Daiso! Haha, I almost teared. So embarrassing! >< Haha. I am so so happy to have such friends. Thank you for being there and remembering me! *feeling mushy inside* You both have a special place in my heart. ^^

Even though sometimes people just message you on Facebook or message you on Whatsapp, I really feel quite loved when I read these messages. Even though it just takes 3 seconds to type and I do not really think much about doing it when I am on Facebook, but when I am the one receiving it, I really feel quite mushy inside. I am really not a really easy person to get along with. I am really weird. But I am just happy that there are people who accept me for who I am. Disney princess, Sailor Moon and all. Haha.

Oh no. I just received news that gave me a little dent on my hatch day! >.< I am to design a cover for my CCA Facebook page. Okay. I need to generate ideas ASAP!

That's all for today! Ciao!


P.S. Really nervous.

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