December 10, 2012

End of first semester in Uni!

YAY! I am finally done with the first semester of university! It has been a tiresome 14 weeks, with chionging of essays and hand-ache from the final exams! I am finally done! Even though I am not too optimistic about the results of my final exams, I am still happy that it has ended. I left for Bangkok the next day, so I just reached back in Singapore yesterday.

Bangkok was sort of fun, yet I felt that it was sort of a wasted trip. I know that this trip was for my grandparents. So I am not to expect much shopping or whatever. So it was more of a leisure trip. I rather eat the cheaper street local food than going to the restaurants though. But because we were with my grandparents, we had to eat "better" food. We went to this supermarket seafood restaurant. It was like consuming a novelty good that is quite useless. :/ We had to choose what you what to cook, supermarket style, and then you choose how you want to cook your food. But it is sooo expensive! You pay $10 for 1 kg of cockles. You can buy 3 times that amount for the same price at Geylang Serai. Furthermore, you have to pay more money for them to cook it the style you want. Steamed, deep-fry, stir-fry etc, etc. Even cutting of fruits require money. HAHA. What a waste of money that can be used for shopping.

The best place to shop seem to be Platinum, the fashion mall. I super like the thing there. But I only had 2 hours at the place. So haiz. I think the quality of clothes in Thailand is much better than Guangzhou, and the price is also about there. So ya, I think can go there to shop again next time! I only bought 2 tops, 2 shorts, 1 pair of slipper wedges and 1 cardigan. Hmmmm. I am not a big shopping queen. Haha.

I have been back for 1 day and I made an anklet and bracelet already. Hahaha. I am so productive when it comes to crafting. So naughty much? Okay. I have to credit myself for grabbing a copy of "The Economist" which my tutor recommended we read for free before boarding the plane. HAHA. $12.50 saved. Shiok only. Haha.

I miss my Phad Thai and Tom Yum already. :( I also liked the chicken skin there.

Okay. That's a really quick update on Bangkok. I enjoyed my trip to the temple! Erawan is a must go for me. Must ask god for blessing before proceeding on with your trip^^



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