August 01, 2012

I like to draw.

An update on the things I have been drawing! Oh well. I do not draw as often as I should because I need the practice but I have recently started to colour my pieces so I think they are somewhat prettier. Haha. I do not really dare to post them on the deviantart yet because they are not good enough. But I am working towards it! I think my drawing style have changed significantly. I try to make things more simple and less complicated so it does not have that many mistakes. You can see for yourself!

Sleeping ballerina on the train. 

I like this one. Banana punching bag. Haha.

Random random girl on the street. 
Shoddy work? I told myself not to spend so much time on each piece. I think they are okay! :p When I actually spent a lot of time editing it, I have to stop halfway and end up not continuing the piece. For example,

I got stuck:(
 This was a sad piece because I think I spent 3-4 hours on it before realising I cannot carry on. the bag is ugly anyway! :(

This had potential.
 I really liked this piece because it was my somewhat first successful male piece but I just ran out of gas to finish it in fear of ruining it. Sad right!
Fail la. 
I admit. This one was a failure. I redraw the yes so many times, if this was on paper, the paper would have died. Haha.

Okay. So that's it for my art post today! I will strive to draw more and be better! XD Ciao!


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