August 04, 2012

Too much craft shopping. :p

Well, I have been going to Spotlight and Daiso and Chinatown too often lately. I think I made three trips already and still want to buy more! Of course. It goes without saying that I did do more crafty stuff after buying the materials! Haha. This makes me a very happy girl. On a sadder note, School is starting next Friday and then I might not have enough time to craft  many many any more D: Sad girl is me. But I think my brain have had enough of a break and is ready for some stretching. Like a rubberband. Haha.

So I will show my loots here and then blog about what I made(quite a lot) in the next post. Look forward to it! :D My first trip was with Freya and Rachel to Bras Brasah to Art Friend, where I bought Mod Podge and E6000 glue.

Loots from Art friend and 1st trip to Chinatown
 The Mod Podge has a glittery finish. I have no idea what do I want to do with it, I probably need to go back to a 2nd hand bookshop to get a 2nd hand comic book so I can use it, but ya. Most probably a DIY comic bangle.

The next day, Rachel and I went out again to get some materials for her scrapbook she was making for Freya. Trust me, she bought just as much as me. HAHAHA. I wanted to try out bracelet making so I bought more jewellery making stuff. I managed to find pilers and wire cutters in my dad's toolbox. Old, but still working. YAY!

Loots from Daiso and Spotlight
 I had some alone time in Dhoby Ghaut this week so I went to Daiso and get some craft materials for my current projects. Incidentically, Spotlight was having a sale so I hopped over to get $1 seed beads! I bought Lavender crochet thread, buttons, button maker, balls and beads. Tempted to get more sewing patterns, but I know they would probably become white elephants at home so I refrained myself! YAY me!

2nd trip to Chinatown
Just went to Chinatown again yesterday and got all these materials for making more arm swags. My friend went to Cotton on to get 3 for $10 bracelets. OMG. If only I could sell whatever I make for 3 for $10. Haha. I bought elastic for my crystal bracelet whose thread is dying. And more faux leather strands.

I am going to Chinatown and Spotlight with Rachel again this week, so I hope to get more stuff:) OMG. I spent too much on my crafts!

That is all for today. If you need more information about where I got what, do ask. Ciao!


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