August 07, 2012

Crafty day galore ^^

Well, I have been crafting so much lately with ideas popping into my head randomly. I am so very happy because the products came out prettier than I imagined and I am so excited to make more more more! Haha. The only thing is that I keep forgetting to get enough materials and I run out of them >.< I know you wanna see what I have made. Haha. So here goes:)

I made a pouch and a mini tote bag for my barbie doll. Hahaha. Okay, I was trying to be ambitious and wanted to create a top, but it did not turn out the way I wanted it to be so I ended up with scrap pieces of fabric so I decided to sew a pouch out of it. I still have many pieces of fabric left so I am looking for mini project to make with it. I suppose I would be making a pincushion soon. I need one because I am losing my needles everywhere. Haha. I also made a rabbit I plan to give Apphia for her birthday. Since I am perfectly sure that most of my friends do not read this blog, I am gonna post it here ^^

The rabbit is so cute right!
 I cannot believe that the rabbit was created from a piece of knitted square. The tutorial for this bunny is here. I edited it a bit by changing the stitch and adding a bell below. I love the sound of bells:)

I am a cute bunny!

side view

Tote bag! Haha. 
And then, I bought the cotton thread from Daiso right? So I had to make something with it.

I found two very cute crochet butterfly tutorials and made it. :) The one on the left was made with this and the one on the right was made with this.

And then I started making arm swags for the start of school. I have not stopped. I just wanted to share with you those that I have made for now. Hehehe. :)

Ain't this gorgeous? 
 Even I cannot believe that I made it. Whoo! Haha.
Okay. Out of these, I only made two for myself. I have been making our Jew club bracelets(clique bracelets) Haha, being my friends really has it benefits huh! I think I will make a tutorial on how to make these kind of bracelets soon. Maybe later after my third trip to Chinatown. HAHAHA. There are three kinds actually.

Made with pearls
 This is a really pretty pearl and purple bracelet. I wanted to try out using a button instead of a clasp. I think it is pretty. 0.0 Notice that the bracelet twirls automatically? I like this effect.

Made with seed beads.
Notice this one does not curl? I wonder why....I will ponder upon it and give you a answer in my tutorial:)

Okay, that's really all for today. I shall come up with a tutorial soon ^^



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