July 01, 2012

Guangzhou trip

Well, I am finally back in Singapore where I can see my precious blue skies and smell the solely missed fresh air.

OMG, the air there is really bad! I moment I stepped out of the plane, I could smell the faint stench of human and smoke smell. I was so repulsed by the smell at the airport, but I remained positive.  This was just the smell of people after long hoursof flight right? But no. When I went into the train, the smell was terrible when the people came in. Pheeeew. My poor nose. I think they only shower twice a week despite the horrible heat. So the smell of sweat is fermented or something(for a lack of a better description) haha. But I am a nice person, I can understand this is probably their culture. I shall bear with it for the shopping. Haha. I was very surprised by the hotel. It did not stink and it was rather grand. Well, it was good enough for me. Because I      refused to share a room with my brother and my brother did not wanna share the toilet and my mom had to use the other toilet. So all was well because I had the room to myself almost all the time. My mom just slept over at night. No one to snatch the tv with me too. Haha.  I stayed in Rosedale hotel by the way. It is on the interchange for line 2 and 8 for the Guangzhou metro. Totally worth the money and so convenient! 
We wandered around the hotel and explored the alleys of Cheenaland. It was interesting. They sold shoes on a garage bag piled up in a mess on the ground. Culture shock. How to shop? Oh well. It was ¥15. What would you expect? I also saw many of those Lok Lok stalls which I wanted to try, but my parents discouraged me from it. Highly unhygienic. Because they probably left the ingredients there for god knows how long...:/

Here's the map of the place around the hotel. 

Map taken from Google Maps.

So we went to the supermarket after exploring the area. I experienced another culture shock there. -___-|||

Pictures speak a thousand words so just look at the pictures and then tell me what you think. 

Chicken feet, duck feet, sausages, duck wings. 
All the exotic food that I like! But I don't really dare to eat those in the supermarket.

 OMG. God knows I really really love seaweed. Wakame, Konbu, Nori, I loveeee them all. But This is a little repulsive. Don't you think? :/

The person who arranged this must have been bored. REALLY BORED.
???? I have a few thoughts about this. Was the fish monger(Do we call them that?) really really bored? Or these fishies are for decoration? Or they do this because no one buys them anyway? I really wanna know because this is just soooo WEIRD! Ugly fishie on top.

2 fishies got maried and 2 fishies divorced and got new partners. HAHA
 Would have been more epic if you arranged the squid in a heart shape. HAHA.

Liang ban. 

 I still don't know how to input Chinese on this computer with my tablet. FAIL. But it means cold mix.

Supermarket haul. Haha. 

If you think this is little, fret not. I think we went to the supermarket 5 times during our 5 days trip. Haha. <3 the supermarket.

View outside the hotel. I KNOW. I am bad at photography. Haha.

After marketing, we went back to the hotel and then out again for dinner. We had difficulty deciding what to eat, but my father wanted to eat the suan cai yu A.K.A sour veggie fish??? That we had to look for a restaurant which had it. We walked into one of those alleys and just chose one. Ha. 
View from my table
Let me side track a little. Notice that my mom has a straight nose? I have too! But mine is a roundish straight nose that wrinkles up into a round ball when I smile. Sad:(

First dish, stir fried potatoes.
I lovelovelove potatoes. I like them grilled, fried, boiled, baked, well.... you get it. But this is pretty much the Cheena's version of their potato dish. Fried with dried chilli and I guess chicken oil, the aroma was awesome. If they would just add a little vinegar....nomnomnom. Of course, I have tasted better, but I liked this dish well enough to give it its own picture. HAHA.

Our first meal in GZ.
 Anyway, the bill came out to be about S$20. Very cheap considering that we had a whole fish and a whole chicken for dinner and drinks.

 Something gross I saw while eating.....I was gonna order the sugarcane drink and the staff were eating their dinner when I spotted the lady cleaning her mouth ON THE TABLECLOTH!!! Oh god. -___-|||

Guess what I found when I was washing the cups?
Okay, I have to be reasonable. We can find this in Singapore too. But....this is not a very good first impression. Haha

This was what I saw on my way up/down of the building. 
Okay, this is the rooftop, but where is the prince??? Haha. Just a joke you might not understand but NEVERMIND :D

Okay, so this was all I did for the first day. I am sleepy already. I shall continue again soon:) Ciao!

#EDIT: I killed my hard drive which had all my pictures in it. So I cannot have any more posts on Guangzhou. :(


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