July 08, 2012

Contact lens review: Blincon Pink lens

Well....It has been a longgg time since I wore this pair of contacts, but I decided to have a series of contact lens review for my own reference as well as whoever who wants to know more or whatever. Hope it is helpful to you if you are reading this. Haha.

So...backgound history of me and contact lenses. Vanity. Almost everyone I know knows I have an eye fetish. I love looking at people's eyes coloured eyes, big eyes, small eyes(not my favourite.), gorgeous eyelashes and swoon. I go crazy over eyes on deviant art brilliantly edited by various artists. So I always wanted to try out cosmetic coloured lenses because I have dark asian eyes. I started trying them on in 2011. For Chinese new year, I went to an optical shop to learn to put those lenses on and I NEVER turned back. I love having an excuse to wear them. Love crazy colours and stuff. I am always excited when the expiry date of the old monthlies are near so I can change a new colour. So these Blincon PINK lenses were my second ever pair. I totally forgot what did I get for my first. BAD memory alert. Haha

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I bought these with a coupon from Deal.com.sg for some optical shop YES! that used to be in Suntec. No idea where are they now though. But I realise that Blincon is not a very popular brand in Singapore so you might not be able to find it. I bought these babies in December 2011. Lovelies Freya and Rachel went with me to collect them. Haha.

My verdict: VERY VERY comfy lenses that I do not even feel like taking off at the end of the day. The lenses are very thick though. I don't mind. I realised that contact lenses are very useful for going to temples during the Chinese New Year period. They stop the smoke from the incense from getting into your eyes and making you tear. Yay for contacts! At 14.5 mm, it really makes your eyes bigger. The only down part is....okay, it looks very unnatural and really really pops out. So if you don't mind crazy colours like me, try it!

I read quite a few bad comments about it but I really like it so it really depends on the individual I guess.


With flash
Does these look creepy to you? Hmmm. It takes so longgg to take a decent photo of my eyes with my phone because the focusing is so crazily baddd. It focus and goes out of focus. FAIL CAMERA. This is one lucky picture(Y)

Under natural lighting
 Oh god. My face was so big in this photo and dear Sya uploaded it on facebook! Ahhh! This is the edited picture. I only slimmed down the cheeks a little but it makes such a big difference! Sigh. It was fun having bangs, but I am not gonna have them for a while yet. Too much care needed for a lazy person like me. Really really like the eyes though. Doesn't look like pink unless you go closer but I am happy. *stares* And yes, I stole this from Facebook.

Okay. So this is it. A very informal review for myself for future reference and so I will not forget what colour have I worn.

That's all for today, ciao!


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  1. I've read many negative comments about it too.

    But I find it kinda comfy as well. Expect it sometimes get a little dry when i wear it more than 10 hours.