July 22, 2012

Freya's scarf DONE:)

Well, I finally finished Freya's scarf! Yay! This scarf has a mini story. Once upon a time, before both Freya and Rebecca got into their universities and were quite worried, Rebecca told Freya that if she got into the university in Switzerland, Rebecca would crochet her something since Freya knew how to knit. So days went by and Freya got into the university of her choice. YAY! In fact, I just sent her off two days back. Iam really happy and excited that she got to go to Chocolate land for her university studies. I am stuck here in Singapore. Oh well. I really hope that I would be able to earn enough and save enough money to visit her while she is there. It would be fun! So now you know the story. OMG. I really wanted to make her a purple scarf since she loved purple so much. But circumstances forbid me to. I wanted to get yarn from GZ, but I could not find it till the second last day where I found one store and that one store only had 2 balls of purple left. So I bought it and bought another colour. I was thinking of an ombre scarf, but the yarn at home and the yarn from GZ were different and in a state of perfectionist-is-me, I unwind half of what I completed on Sunday morning when I had to give it to her on Wednesday night.

I really really crocheted like I never did before to finish it, and I did. Proud am I. Awesome scarf. Nicest one I have ever made. I don't really know if she would fancy the colour, but it matches her phone! :) I half killed my mom's iron while trying to put it in shape though. Thank god. The iron did not die under my hands. It died under my mom's later that night. The plastic part melted. Haha. Oh well. Do you wanna see the finished product? Of course you do. I followed the pattern from here. Awesome pattern! Picture time!

Can be a pretend cowl, 

pretend short scarf(it is really long)

The design is awesome! 

I love this picture the best. 

And I served it with appetizer. A pair of earrings. 
So there goes. Pretty right! I love how the ends are scalloped. I wanted to take a picture of me in it. But it would seem weird. So I took it with my hanger. HAHA.  I hope you like it as much as I do! :)

Tata. That's all. Ciao!


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