May 19, 2012

Tutorial: Phone cover decoden!!!!

Well! I finally did more decoden after a really long while! My first pretty big project in a while:) So, presenting the phone cover decoden!!! I do see phone shops selling pre-made decoden cases, I am am very unimpressed by their work. Firstly, they tend to use acrylic rhinestones, which does not shine as much as crystals or the ones I am using. I am too poor to afford to deco my cover with swarovski, but I bought these resin rhinestones and cabochons from Sophie and Toffee! Loveee them. I am so happy they are based in Singapore, but their shipping is not that expensive anywayyy. I get 99% of my materials from them.

First, I had to do my shopping! I went online to make my purchases. I wanted something floral-themed, so I bought quite a few cabochons. Okay. This post is gonna be filled with pictures! So here goes:)

 Package arrived in the mailbox! I was so excited to start on my project!

Very nicely wrapped with bubble wrap(popping time!)

After carefully removing all the tape, the package inside! YAY!

This was what I got! Roses, ring blanks and pin blanks! Oh, and one packet of rhinestones, clear.

Working table. Looks neat huh! If you are a complete beginner, go here! This is an old post of the materials on the table. Hope it will be of help to you:) I got a new thingie since then. The triangle tray. It allows me to flip my rhinestones to the correct side for me to pick it up with tweezers. Haha. Amazing stuff.  I used SGP phone cover. I wanted a pink one, and you know it is soooo difficult to get a hard pink quality android phone case! I found this in Sim Lim Square for $8. Totally worth it because the quality is awesome and it is pink! Most of the rhinestones in the box are from Sophie and Toffee, and the box is fully filled. Says a lot about how irresistible the stuff there are. 

Plan where the big guns go! It is important to vaguely know what you want! If not.....your design will look amateur, like mine. I am that bad at sticking with plans-___-. Haha For me, I wanted to make my roses more secure because the surface of the cover was not flat. So I used "industrial strength" E6000 glue and waited for 24 hours before doing the next step.

Add the smaller gems, I decided to use my tear-drop shaped gems to create a heart shape. These are swarovski crystals okay! You can get these from Arab street. They are expensive though. Be prepared to pay a lot if you want to use the crystals.

Added pearls around the flowers to give it an elegant look! Haha. Pearls are also from Sophie and Toffee.  

Started blinging! Haha! I always like the do it inside out because it makes more sense! If you do it outside in, you may not have the rhinestones to cover the space left. UNLESS, you plan carefully. HAHA. 

With the sparkle effect on my camera. SHINY! I decided to create a moon shape at the bottom! I should have thought of the moon earlier, but it just popped in my head AFTER I put on the roses. 

Tra la la. Blinging in progress. I took a span of about three or four days because I had work. Which means only doing the blinging at night. I like doing this though. It is therapeutic. 

Almost done!

It looks so gorgeous even when it is ALMOST done right? Sigh...Cannot believe I did it from scratch <3 Decided to add another rose on the side because it can be ergonomic(??!!) Haha. I use that rose for the finger to ''hook'' on. But the overall look can be made better if only I planned. So ya. PLAN. 

Donedone! A tip? Take your time! Enjoy the process and anticipate the product! Ta-da! Okay I am gonna go out of point for a while. I just went to the toilet and realised I locked myself out of my room. Thank god the my mum was not asleep yet so I asked her for the key. See! Bad point about locking your door... Okay, back to topic!

Really need to get a better camera!

Canyouseethemooncanyouseethemooncanyouseethemoon?  Really love this part of the phone. Me and my obsession with the moon. Haha.

Middle part...

I like the top! 

Sooo, ahem. Posed with my rose ring(also made my moi) and my rose themed manicure from Batam and my rose themed phone cover attached with my phone. OMG. I am girly! Haha.

The front still looks like boring black. But it is okay. The back is shiny enough for the magpie in me. :)

It looks nicer on white background right!

Even nicer on my hand. Haha.

Okay, so that's it for today! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you are interested in decoden, why not look at my other decoden tutorials and start shopping in Sophie and Toffee! Not so many as of yet, but more to come:D Ciao!

Rebecca :D:D:D

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