July 20, 2012

Post A levels. An experience I will never forget.

Well. It is July now. I have stopped studying and have not been studying officially for 7 months. This time of my life feels so happy and carefree. I will never forget this period of my life ever. Of course, you might say, " You lie!!!! You have a 4 GB memory. Your memory failllll!" Well, guess what! I am gonna record all down in this blog so I will never ever forget. HAHAHA! Beat that. Okay, that was a very weird self conversation. :P

 My last A levels paper was on the 3rd of December. I did not work till the 10th of Janurary at Starhub as a Customer Care Consultant A.K.A Call agent. I worked there till the 28th of Feburary. That's 2 months. It was a really interesting job I guess. Understanding how a Telco company worked was enlightening for me. I did my best to serve all the different customers and OMG. Can you just imagine? I answer phone calls every day without actually knowing how the person on the other end looks like? My imagination went wild! *stereotyping alert* Oh well. I heard(never met) mean customers, nice customers, weird customers, auntie customers. Interesting. I enjoyed the pay and the stress(just a bit). I decided to leave the company in the end. Of course I made up an excuse about hating the job and the timing was bad and yada yada. But I know the ultimate not-so-nice truth. I was afraid. Results for A-levels was on the 2nd of March. The people who worked there were also getting their results on the same day. I did not want to go back to work teary-eyed and face the customers who may not know and hear them rant. I might just break down and cry. This sounds mean. I know. But if I wanted to provide quality service(and I think I do) I better do it when I am a happy person. All that was left when I left was this:-

Don't belittle this. 
You may think it was just two books. No. It is filled with very confidential information which I feel very uneasy having around the house I went to shred it ASAP. It is gone now. I am glad. No responsibilities.

I took a very long break after that. No a very happy break though. I was worrying and worrying about what I was gonna do in the near future. I did not get sparkling grades. Very very not very nice grades. I cried. I ranted. I did blog about the really really sad me. But god was kind and he probably knew I was made to do something. So he made me wait then give me something I was very thankful for.

2 out of 3 acceptance letters
I went for so many interviews! OMG. I really hated interviews before and never never did it officially before. But I did so many interviews, for jobs and school in this period! I was called up for the nursing interview first. That was where I sort of proclaimed my love for Sociology and bah. I knew I could probably make it as a nurse but that was not my PASSION. Then I thought maybe god wanted me to be more selfless and care for people. I am actually okay with that. Blah blah. Then NUS faculty of science called me up for a discretionary interview. I really really really did not wanna do science, but beggars cannot be choosers so I went. And there, the profs asked me a few questions and decided I was not a science student and we started chatting about Sociology instead. Awesome? Not really a good sign. Waste of my time because I was late and could not find the place. Then, after my interview at night....I got a call from NTU asking me to go for the SOCIOLOGY interview. I was like, "......OMGOMGOMGOMG!!! AHHH" Is this a scam? Was that one of my friends calling me? I don't think universities call you up for interviews on the next day! I was supposed to start work at my new workplace on that day and then they called me up. Damn. Bad crash of dates because I already moved back my first day of work because of the NUS interview. Whatever. MY future was more important because it will be for me. Lucky, my reporting officer(RO) was really nice about it so for my first day of work all I did was to eat breakfast, say hi to people whose names I did not remember(I did in the end) and leave for NTU where I was 1 hour early. I did the writing test. OMG. So difficult! More difficult than GP! I did not really understand what it was talking about? But vaguely know what was the gist? OMG. I was so unsure of myself. Baddd. I did my best with my rusty have-not-written-full-sentence-since-my-last-paper mind and prayed really really hard. You cannot give me a bowl of udon and only give me one strand of noodle. IT IS NOT ETHICAL! Haha. I did an one-to-one interview with a professor. That was when I felt really stupid. I thought I do read a lot of news(through my newsfeed on twitter), but he owned me. Flat. He gave me so many perspectives I was so enlightened that day.

Imagine my relief when I got the acceptance for Sociology. Phew. I was really very thankful. I got the acceptance for Nursing a few days later, but I knew. I knew where I wanted to go. SMU rejected me flat down. But I was like, okay....stuck up uni. Boo you. It was not even a "sorry to say, but you did not make it" letter. It was a "too many students applied and you did not make it" :( Boo.

I sealed my fate with this.

Can you imagine? I wonder if someone ever clicked on the last one accidentally. Boo.

Thank you.
I was relieved to see this. Phew. I secured my next 4 years of study.

So I happily went to work at NCS. It was such a big company. I was impressed and amazed. I met wonderful IT people there and leveled up in IT savviness. I was the IT person. Whooo! Haha. I remoted and remoted and remoted into the servers! Whoops! It was magic, I tell you! I did not know what I was doing most of the time, but it was brainless. click click. Type. Excel excel excel. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V,Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+S, Alt+f4. OMG. My excel ability leveled up the most. I met Kar Luen, Henry, Lwin, Cassandra, and many others. They were so nice to the temp staffs(Xing Juan and I) I was astonished my the lack of people with chromosomes XX over there. But I guess I got used to it a little. Did not talk much though. They spoke mainly Chinese. Haha. I am a little amused at how they would speak in Chinese to everyone but me. I wanted to say it is fine! I can understand Chinese perfectly. I just don't really speak in Chinese! But okay. I was there from 3rd May to 13 July. 2 months and 10 days. On the second last day of work, we got a farewell lunch at Nippon village. Free food :P Carolyn, the admin staff upstairs got us Swarovski pens on behalf of everyone in EMS. Touched was I :") It was pink. 

I don't think I would bear to use it. 

Awesome butterfly paper for the awesome lab people.
 I wrote them a note. I think you can read it if you zoomed in.
Xing Juan and I
My nose is awfully round here. Seedy picture by lousy front camera and yellowish tint for a reason.

Nasi Lemak, because I missed the Curry Chicken for the 2nd time.
Second last meal at the Bistro. Where Xing Juan's cousin's cousin works. Haha. Remember when we first went there, we forgot to take our drinks. After talking for a while we realised we were supposed to get our drinks when we ordered our food. So funny. Luckily the auntie helped us. 

I will miss having Milo drinks in the afternoon. OMG. EMS lab(where I worked) was so coldddd! I wore an orange jacket, cardigan and and top and jeans and still feel cold. I use my right hand to use the mouse and stick my left in the pocket 90% of the time. 

So ya. End of working life and going back to school life in a while. I have orientation camp next week. A little worried about what they might make I do, but excited to see Penny again. Penny power! Haha. God must have sent her to me:D Because she was the only other person who was in NTU and she gave me so many tips and help I do not know how to repay her! Thanks Penny! <3 you lots!  Because you helped me, you have accumulated good karma^^

So ya. That's about the end of what I wanted to tell you for this post. It ended up like a grandmother story. Heheheh. Sorry lah! I long-winded can? Singlish overload!!! Singlish can be quite awesome. Blah. :P

Okay. So that's really all for today. Ciao!


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