June 26, 2013

belly too happy.

My belly has really been too happy lately! I ate a lot of food at home and baked quite a few times! I have started to love baking at home again.

First, in the beginning of June, I made tortillas. So simple, I will definitely make them again when I need them in the future. I forgot which recipe I used!

When I went to Chinatown with Fion and Josephine, we had Lerk Thai. I ate my Phad Thai as usual, but I did not really like it. I do not think I will patronize them again. I do not like their version of Thai food:/

I made whipped buttercream and peanut butter cream cheese. The former is better than the latter in my honest opinion. The whip cream makes a lot of difference in the texture of the buttercream. It is so much creamier, even I liked it. Note: I do not like creams in general!

This bread with the two spreads is really super delicious! Nomnom!

Making tortillas resulted in me eating a lot of it. It tasted good with some chicken, pickles and minced meat potato. Nomnom! I drank Indonesia rose/black tea. I love it! It is not very strong, but the slight rose scent is so good. I do not fancy rose tea by itself, but this is good!

Sour green apple with buttercream is good!

Pasta with indulgent milo dinosaur! I like mine with plain milk and tons of milo powder on top!

Then, I baked bread. This was my first try. It taste edible, but not tasty as all! Best eaten toasted with buttercream. I made it with this recipe.

On the trip to K.L, we bought a dozen of Krispy Kreme back. This is the bomb! Caramel cookie flavour, as shown above, is the best flavour for caramel lovers like me! It is like Oats(the cereal) on top. Really really the best!

Chocolate cream/dream. This is not my favourite. I do not like it! It is like....custard inside. >.< Not for me.

Chocolate glazed donuts is good.

Korean food for dinner one night. Egg drop soup, instant ramen and a variety of kimchi and other pickles. I do not touch those. Only the marinated squid(which is raw) is to my liking.

  Second attempt at bread baking with this recipe!

Pretty doughs!

Grow, my babies, grow!

Looks much better, doesn't it? Compared to the first attempt?

 LOOK AT THE PRETTY INSIDES! It is so extraordinarily soft and so good! The day I baked it, we almost finished a loaf. The sad part is, like all baguettes, it was not as soft the next day. It tasted like regular day-after french breads. :(

Still tasted very nice with fried sunny side down and ham with pickles. I devoured the rest of the bread and too many eggs the next few days after.

Or with pickles and fish and toasted bread!

Food from the canopy at Bishan Park! It is really nice even though I do not fancy the fish roe on top. >.< Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and salmon roe if I remembered the name right....

 Third and most recent attempt at baking bread! WHOLEMEAL BREAD! Baked with the Tangzhong method and this recipe, I have to say this was exhausting! Not because I used a lot of energy, but because it was so heartbreaking when I could not knead the dough enough to pass the windowpane test. After 45 minutes to one hour of kneading with my Kenwood machine, I gave up and decided to try my luck.

When homemade bread tastes like store-bought bread, I feel awesome. This is freaking wholemeal bread which tastes super good! OMG. I am feeling super awesome! <3

Okay, off to Chinatown I go for the second time in three days to get my friend's 21st birthday present! ^^

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