June 09, 2013

Busy june.

My short week-long stint at the Asian Attractions Expo has finally ended! I really enjoyed the job there even though it required me to wake up early in the morning and wear formal wear every day. It is so interesting to look at all the exhibits and the various types of attractions that theme parks can add on to their parks.

It is even more interesting to look at all the businessmen and how they interact with each other. Working in MBS is awfully expensive though. Lunch costed averagely S$10! Reimbursement is S$5, so I probably forked out S$5 for lunch every day.

Vanessa and I in formal wear! I kind of look like I was wearing my mom's clothes. Haha, I was! Dress pants are not the comfiest pants in the world. -__-

I will be going for camp next week. It is gonna be challenging. I do not know anyone who is going with me! Thank god it is a quad room in the resort. Perhaps it is friend making time!

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