August 04, 2013

What's baking in the oven?

I have been a little lagging in my crafting lately. No craft inspiration:( On the other hand, I have been baking. A lot. I use my oven 3 times a week! Hahaha. Must be due to the long baking hiatus of 2-3 years. 

Best bread I have baked so far. It is really pretty and it tastes so good! :)

Made my very own vegetable soup, which was good, but the pea smell never went away. 80/100 because of that. I will make this again, but not too soon.

The bread after my best bread. Much uglier, but still fluffy. Salty for some reason. I was so upset after this because my attempt to bake 2 batches of bread failed big time. :(

Made my own vegetarian lunch on a stay home day. glass noodles with mock abalone and celery, rose scented tea from indonesia and green bean soup, which was funky. :/

Made more buttercream.

This was a good meal. roasted pork, roasted duck and chicken with romaine lettuce and an apple and pickles and an egg. Eaten through the day because it was wayy too much for one meal. Hahaha.

Nutella bars?! The nutella became dry and the bars were hard like rocks. :( Kinda disappointed since it was my first time trying out a bar recipe. 

First try at pizza baking. FAILED. Because the cheese was not nice! I am so sad about it. Because I was had high hopes. :(

Really fluffy white bread! It was nice! Some are wrapped with sausages and what not.

When I first started working as the receptionist, I ate Korean food because I was alone.
They served me 6 side dishes and I had jajameun(spelling?!) for $11. I think it was worth it^^

Found a place in marina square which had semi buffet. Not bad!

 Some fish for me.

Ugly little sausage bread which was not bad!

Potato with spring onions and ham and cheese. OMG. This was good.

Had dinner at this place for Patricia's birthday. The service was not good, but I lovelovelove the kiwi juice. Good juice they have there.

Went to the Japanese place again with my mom. I think she liked it. :)

Went to brew werks?! I forgot the name, but the food was okay. Typical western food place where I ordered my normal sandwich. Because you can hardly go wrong with bread, cheese and ham. Unlike my parents who ordered chicken and shepherd's pie respectively and had difficulty finishing their food. Hahaha.

Honey oatmeal bread which did not rise properly. I kind of did it in a rush. Maybe that's why it tasted so bad and dense. :(

Went with lynette to the standing sushi bar! 25 slices of salmon for $15! Such a good deal. I had it with $2 sake and we had ice cream after that. I like eating with lynette. Hahaha. We have really similar tastes for food. We order the same thing half the time. Hahahaha. Actually, anything with salmon works for us.

Whole meal tortilla that tasted just like tortilla. Hahaha. 

For all the good food that I have been enjoying, I now need to lose the weight I gained. T.T 

I have one week of holidays left. Let's endeavour to lose 2kg this week. :( 

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