June 24, 2013


It has been a while since a drawing post. I have not been drawing much. Between baking and crafting, I only draw when I have *boom* inspiration. When I try to draw without inspiration, it is like trying to clear your bowels when you have constipation. It is a painful process. I do not keep copies of my drawings everywhere and with my experience with hard disks, you know they are not to  be trusted.

This is like...a random doodle when I was watching my China drama.

I love this quote, and I wanted to try out pretty fonts, so I did this.

Attempt at drawing a guy. Gave up halfway. Forget it.

I love this one! I lost the page for the background unfortunately. I would love to credit the person :( I like the 1900s fashion. Slim waists and poufy butts. HAHAHA.

Kim possible wannabe? I do not really like this but whatever, just post la.

I drew the diamond first. I wanted to practice drawing diamonds and ended up with this. 

Tried to so a pin-up style. I like the eyes. And the shading. I am not very good at it, but I try! I like the shading at the boobs the most! Really. Because 2D cleavage is not cool.

As you can tell, I still do not have any particular drawing style. I just whack and try out different styles. Hopefully, my drawing skills can improve this way. I know it will be a while before my next drawing post. It took me about 5 months(?) to collect these!

Till then!

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