May 02, 2012

Oh, happy foodie day.

Well, the past two days have been quite exciting! Exciting day started with yummy lunch. Yummy lunch consisted of overnight food. From left, Danish egg!(the kind of half boiled egg we ate in Denmark eons ago. That's why my parents call it Denmark egg). It is pretty much the same as the normal Singaporean ones, just that the surface is like hard-boiled eggs but the inside is soft and runny. Yum yum. It was served cold with dark sauce and pepper. If you think it is eeky cold, oh well, put it in lukewarm water so that it is warm but not hot enough to cook further. I am fine with cold eggs. Egg salad is also served cold. *shrugs*. Next to the egg, salted veggie and pork soup! My dad is quite crazy over this salted veggie soup. It is not the 'light airy' kind of soup if you know what I mean. It is more like those double boiled soup taste. Yum yum. My mom is currently experimenting cooking the soup with fish/pork/chicken/duck. Me thinks it tastes the best with kamo(japanese for duck). Next to the soup is Japanese rice with minced meat sauce. I put in Martell in this meat sauce. My mom was just telling me how expensive Martell is and how I am wasting it. Boo. I did not know. I just thought it tasted real nice when I add it into food. I feel quite guilty now. But I like Martell. It is very nice even raw(do you even use this word with liquor?) Haha. Lastly, a royal gala apple to complete the meal! You see, overnight food can be really good right? Yum.

 Went for BTT. I think it boosted my morale too much. I feel quite proud of myself now. I completed my test in <10 minutes and even checked it. Was the second person to leave the room. Haha, I got my Provisional Driving License even before the test was supposed to end. Haha. But then again, DRIVING IS SO EXPENSIVE D: WHYYY! Why is learning to drive so expensive :< Oh well. It is worth it if I get to drive my daddy's Volkswagen when he is out of town right? ;p Must look at long term benefits!

I went home really happy and wanted to be hardworking. I looked up for a recipe for no bake granola bars. 

Ta-da! Looks yummy right? I used chocolate buttons and dried cranberries for decoration and taste. 

Getting ready to chop chop chop it up....

Nom nom time! It was so good, I sort of ate a lot of it. And had to make a second batch so that my dad can bring some for my cousins to try. :) 

Let the sugar, honey and butter caramelise.....reminds me of the caramel popcorn I made last time. But this is so much less of a hassle though. Popping corn is not as fun as it sounds. 

Spy dried cranberries, oatmeal and rice krispies? All the good stuff. I sneaked in 2 weetbix too because 1) I need to finish it 2) somehow the mixture covers the cardboardy taste and smell of weetbix.  

 My second try was not as pretty as my first but oh well. Less chocolate chips means it is also healthier right? :D I think I need to improve on this recipe further though. Especially if I want to add weetbix. Because the bars are too dry(they do not stick so well) but still yummy. I hope my cousins like it! After all, kore wa oishii desu!

That's all the updates for today. First driving lesson is scheduled on the 19th of May. Hope it will be a good one! Ciao!


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