May 09, 2012

All is well. Thank you so much.

Well, as the title states, all is well in my life and thank god for it :) I just received a letter from NTU for sociology. I am really grateful that they accepted me. I have been waiting and waiting and waiting. I almost applied for SIM. Not that it is not good, but I want to work in the government sector and NTU is more recognised? Sigh. I am just feeling so gratified and relieved now.

It has been a long journey. I have gone through 3 interviews. More than a normal person would have. But then again, we all know I am not really normal in a normal way. Haha. I always go through a detour. Somehow. But at this point of time, I am truly happy. I have a job which I like, my driving lessons seem to be going on well, I enjoy my trip to Batam a lot(post on that should be coming up), I have been crafting, and I have my tuition work which I enjoy. I am busy. I like it. I am also working towards my goal.

How I wish I could remain like this for a while. But you know and I know, it is impossible. Reading a book on Buddhism  really opened my eyes to the things around me. I felt that the book was not really talking about Buddhism as a religion, but it really tells us about the reality of life. I reminds me that sometimes we are so caught up with the things in our lives that we fail to appreciate life itself. Happiness will not last, but this experience will stay with me forever. Feeling so dejected every day as I check the Joint Acceptance website, feeling the stress when people asks you where will you go. It is an unforgettable experience. The professors I met during the interviews. They taught me some things.

From the book, I learnt that there is really no good or bad thing. Goodness and Badness are concepts. Why let yourself be trapped in the world of concepts? My results, was it a bad thing? I would have said yes immediately if you asked me a while back. But now, I will not say anything. Having that results showed me the support that my friends and family gave me. It also disallowed me to easily get into the course I wanted. But it gave me the experience I would never have experience otherwise. So on what grounds can I say it is good? And on what ground can I say it is bad? It is neither good nor bad.

Life is really a weird thing. I dare say it is weirder than me.

That's all. Ciao! This is a really weird blogpost. Oh well. I wanted to get it out of my system before I forget because god knows I am really forgetful.

Rebecca ^^

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